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  1. Marius Merganser

    Animaniacs Reboot

    Soooo...what did everyone think?
  2. Marius Merganser

    My birding youtube channel

    Recently started up a Youtube channel for some videos I've taken while out birding. Here's the link if you want to quack, like, and subscribe. Looks like I need at least 100 subscribers before I can get a custom URL with my name. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpe7Q7ExUt86UUbW1eKy1eQ
  3. Marius Merganser

    Catch phrases, running gags, recurring bits...

    Just wanted to ask if your sonas have a catch phrase, a running joke, recurring bit, or other character-specific behavior?
  4. Marius Merganser

    Questions for Suit Makers

    Hello, I have some questions for suit makers if any are willing to take the time to answer. This is just out of plain curiosity. 1. How wide of a range of species do you make? 2. Does the difficulty of the design directly affect the price or is it mostly time & materials or flat fee? 3...
  5. Marius Merganser

    Catch your fursona

    If someone wanted to catch/trap your fursona, what kind of bait would they need to use? A plain cheese-steak or a bag of Skittles is probably enough for Marius.
  6. Marius Merganser

    First vs third person

    Random question... How often do you refer to your sona in third person vs. first person?
  7. Marius Merganser

    How else do you participate?

    So you don't have a suit, you have no artistic talent, and the only con you can travel to is a few dozen people at best. How else do you participate in the fandom?
  8. Marius Merganser


    Hello everyone! I never liked using my real information online so I would often fill out registrations based on a well established cartoon characters. My primary Twitter account focused on animation/pop culture and I noticed a large percentage of followers were furries. I also noticed they...