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  1. Lexicom

    Any Dead by Daylight furs?

    Hey guys. :3 I wanted to check here to see if any furs play Dead by Daylight on PS4 or Modern Warfare. Those are like the only things I play fr Let me knowww x3
  2. Lexicom

    New reference sheet

    Gonna keep it simple I need a ne reference drawn, I have a old reference on my FA. $40-$50 budget tho.
  3. Lexicom

    How is this not a thing?

    A car that runs off thorium, and only needs fueling once every one hundred years. I like the idea.
  4. Lexicom

    Request plox?

    Can someone draw my sona? I can tell you my sona in detail. Its a feline and its fur is orange, and his paws and feet paws are red. His stomach up to his nose is white, and both his nose and eyes are black. And his paw pads are black. And his tail is orange and it is red tipped at the end. And...
  5. Lexicom

    I feel left out. D:

    Whats the generator/website where you make these, I feel left out because everyone has one but me. :( http://imgur.com/oql882H