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    YHC (and related) filters

    So, I know there are probably much more important things to be working on, but I was curious if there was a way to implement some kind of YHC/sale/ad/adopt submission filter, sort of like the SFW/NSFW filter. Obviously there would have to be a submission option to mark it as an ad related item...
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    FA down

    Getting a 503 error from Cloudflare Also should have added that it's been like this for a good while longer than the usual hiccup that only lasts about a minute or two. aaaaand I just saw the post about the DDoS. Please disregard :D
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    Constant 503 Errors

    Over the past two weeks, I have been having a lot of 503 errors and they're always random when they happen. I've included a screenshot of the current error just a few mins ago.
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    Main Site No Links To User's Gallery When Viewing An Image

    Found an interesting situation with the updated site today. This one is hard to explain, so I'll go through the steps. Get on FA. See a pic on the "browse" page. Click that pic. View that pic. I want to check out more of that person's gallery, but there is no way to access it from the...
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    FA still shows offline

    Checked the site status forum and Dragoneer says the site is back up, but when I try to go there I still get the splash page saying the site is down. I've tried reloading the page and restarting my browser, but nothing works.
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    New Firefox is $#!+

    Has anyone else been having issues recently with the new "Quantum" Firefox? After this last recent update, the problems have gotten worse. I have been having an issue with pages not loading, but if I mouse over the page, my cursor changes to the hand indicating there is a link. I have...
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    Connection Issues: FA down again?

    Anyone else not able to access FA suddenly? With my wonky internet, it's sometimes hard to tell which is having the issue
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    Bug/Site Problem: FA pages won't stop "loading"

    Not sure how else to explain it, but no matter what page I'm on when browsing through FA, it never seems to finish loading. I'm currently using Firefox (34... I think) and the little green circle doesn't stop spinning, even when there is nothing left to load. I've tested various pages and...
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    Why does the PM page take so long to load?

    For a while now, FA's mail system takes for-frickin'-ever to load, today alone it took 5 mins to get into it. Once in, messages load nice and quick. I thought maybe it was something on my end, but I've tried it in Firefox (my main browser), IE, Google, two different ISP's, 3 different...
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    A minor suggestion/request/inquiry/etc

    So, I was curious about something, would it be possible to implement some kinda of "header/footer" system into the gallery submissions themselves, much in the way the journals have it? I got to thinking the other day of how handy something like this would be, many artists post repeat "blurbs"...
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    Submission Problem: error when trying to upload

    Trying to upload images and I get this error: Error: There was a problem uploading your file. System response: Failed to write file to disk I didn't see any other threads, so I'm curious if it's just me
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    Is anyone else having issues with Firefox?

    I didn't put this in the bug thread because it's not just affecting FA. Seems a small handful of sites I visit that have some kind of Java or other scripting fail to work. one example is FA itself, I cannot access any of my other mail options, only the inbox. I have some saved messages I need...
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    Can't read comments

    So I got two comments and I find that I can't click on them, I can only delete the message that I got a comment the image explains a bit better So what happened? *edit* oops, didn't realize there was a bug forum, will post it there
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    Deleting FA site mail

    Ok, I asked once before and no one really knew the answer, so I thought I would try one last time... how do you delete FA site mail? I delete it from my box, it goes to a file called trash, and then it just sits there. I still have stuff from the first day I joined FA, just sitting in the...
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    Looking for photo-manipers

    Ok, so here's what I got. I tried this once before on another site and the reaction was largely small... heh... but I thought with a site that has more artists than the other, I would try it here. Those that know me know I do a lot of 3D work... well, that's pretty much all I do. So, what...
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    Reason for removed image

    Recently, it had come to my attention that an image was removed for no real reason. The one I am referring to was posted as a "funny" showing that "apple" is listed under the species list for submissions. How was this in any way offensive/wrong/against TOS in any shape or form? I have seen...
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    how do I delete mail?

    Ok, I'm still kind f a newb here, so tell me, how do you delete mail and make it stop saving... EVERYTHING.... *grumbles* I have things dated back to december when I joined here. It even saves deleted mail that I deleted out of the deleted folder right back into the deleted folder... my brain...
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    "connection reset" during submissions

    was told that if my error problem hadn't been looked at by now to post here and at least get it noticed by more people, so here's what was in my oringal post: I suddenly started getting a "connection reset" error when I upload... try to upload. Here's my steps: choose submit choose...