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  1. MrSpookyBoots


    Or...you can shrug it off and let it roll off your back. Assuming that I'm reading this correctly, if someone makes a snide comment and does that to you, they likely aren't worth talking to. You're not going to meet any of these people in real life, more than likely. What's one more asshole...
  2. MrSpookyBoots

    Godzilla vs Monke.

    The 1960's films had a loose continuity and Godzilla would reappear in Godzilla vs. Mothra, but Godzilla was never killed. Most have only seen the American cut. In the original Japanese dub, Godzilla's roar can be heard at the end of the movie, signifying that he is alive and well.
  3. MrSpookyBoots

    (CLOSED) Easy Times Roleplay server now open!

    The people in this server are some of the sweetest ones I've met in the furry community. I read Easy Times for a year before joining and was nervous about hopping in, but they've made me feel at home since then. I can be my goofy, aloof self and they accepted me with open arms. That's about all...
  4. MrSpookyBoots

    Godzilla vs Monke.

    I've been waiting 24 years for this, so yeah. I've been ready for a very long time.
  5. MrSpookyBoots

    What has your SO/relationship taught you?

    If someone truly loves you, they will never keep devastating secrets from you or constantly look for ways to hurt you. It's better to be single than to go through either of those things.
  6. MrSpookyBoots

    Furry Haters

    This topic has been beaten to death. The overabundance of fetish art, the socially awkward userbase, and the more insane and politically charged members within make us easy targets. The fandom has gained special notoriety thanks to events such as Rainfurrest and news incidents that it's not...
  7. MrSpookyBoots

    What is your sound?

    Something along these lines.
  8. MrSpookyBoots


  9. MrSpookyBoots


    I think it's hilarious. Wall Street is watching this carefully. Restrictions in place only serve to confirm that the "free market" only exists when the big boys play. It doesn't when the common folk play the same games that they do. How convenient.
  10. MrSpookyBoots

    Why do trolls hate us ?

    Tbf, the fandom kinda' makes itself a target. • All of the yiff. • The fandom is often politically charged even in places where such topics aren't warranted. This isn't to say it doesn't have a place, but I will veer away from a political topic if I feel that it's too acidic for my tastes. •...
  11. MrSpookyBoots

    Is there a way to delete accounts?

    I remember Luffy saying in a similar thread that a trouble ticket would need to be submitted on the main site with a request to have the forum account deleted. Don't know if this works, though.
  12. MrSpookyBoots

    Deer Appreciation Thread

    This one looks SO happy.
  13. MrSpookyBoots

    How would you tell your past self that you would become a furry?

    I'm not sure what I'd say. I always sort of knew, since I've always had a fondness for anthropomorphic characters. I knew I was a furry when I stumbled upon the community in 2010-2011. Granted, if I could go back, I would probably just tell them to look into the furry community a bit sooner...
  14. MrSpookyBoots

    Why do you love to insult yourselves...

    There are plenty of people in this fandom who do things that make it necessary for us to rib—or otherwise lambaste—ourselves. Furries aren't the only ones who do this, by the way. Other fandoms do it too.
  15. MrSpookyBoots

    Whiskey and Whisky

    I don't drink much whiskey beyond Wild Turkey and Maker's Mark. I'm more of a tequila guy.
  16. MrSpookyBoots

    Unpopular opinions 2.0!

    "Everyone has a purpose." I hear this too often. "Purpose" is purely a human concept and is too subjective of an idea to be properly measured. A "purpose" that is acceptable from the view of one person may be derided or looked down upon by another. It is shoved down many people's throats at an...
  17. MrSpookyBoots

    Vent Thread

    Between the pandemic, the risk of my workplace shutting down, and having to help my parents get back on their feet and maintain stability, I'm personally at a loss. Things are breaking down constantly, things constantly need to be fixed. My job feels like jail with the place only working at...
  18. MrSpookyBoots

    Trans Rights Are Human Rights

    If your posts aren't changing anything, then why are you bothering? My main point is that the ones who don't like the topic can get lost and do their own thing. Unfortunately, that can't really be controlled by other people outside of the Moderation team. Best thing to do in their absence, if it...
  19. MrSpookyBoots

    Trans Rights Are Human Rights

    There is a degree of responsibility on everyone's part. Nobody's holding a gun to anybody's heads saying "Oh, you HAVE to respond to this thread." Some who are debating the topic seriously aren't the ones I'm talking about specifically, however, if people don't like the topic or the way it's...