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  1. Diamond Creator

    Request: Art of Diamond and a friend

    Hi I would love to have a picture of Garo and Diamond hanging out or having fun in the sun. I would like the picture to be SFW. I want to let the artist know that Diamond’s iris is silver not purple. Here is Garo’s ref sheet: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0luaGsom0VtQa4J3jrDFNj5yg
  2. Diamond Creator

    Request: Graduation (closed)

    I’m going to be graduating from community college on May 14th. I will be happy with anything that I receive. I would like to have a picture of me with a purple cap and gown. I want SFW pictures of me. I will leave the creativity up to the artist. Thank in advance. I’m not going to force anyone...
  3. Diamond Creator

    Request: Birthday drawings (closed)

    Hey I would like to have some drawings of my character for my birthday. I’m not forcing anyone into drawing me pictures. I’m going to be happy with whatever I get. My oc’s wings are the same color as her belly.