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  1. Eggdodger

    How do you guys deal with stress? (Not necro'd)

    Sorry, but, you know... This is how I "deal with stress" >;3
  2. Eggdodger

    How do you guys deal with stress? (Not necro'd)

    I do the same, but with Leafeon... Looks like I have the type advantage >:3 afufufu
  3. Eggdodger

    Things That You Love v3.0

    All my fuzzy friends <3
  4. Eggdodger

    Howlo, everyfur! The friendship thread! *wavies*

    Awwwwww <3 Wowwy, only fair to share the love! *nuzzles your headfluff and coos* (=^v^=)
  5. Eggdodger

    Red Delicious Apples make me regurgitate ad nauseam

    Seriously, why do people sell what tastes so awful? Because it looks pretty, just like a ceramic sculpture. Difference being, most ceramic figures aren't sold to eat. Fruit is healthy, but red delicious are not worth the mental anguish they cause me to consume. Some days, though, growing up...
  6. Eggdodger

    Has anyone here ever eaten edamame?

    I disagree.
  7. Eggdodger

    Howlo, everyfur! The friendship thread! *wavies*

    *nuzzles Zewig-kun* Chirp chirp ^v^ Nice to see you again, furrend! I'm super happy you're my super buddy!
  8. Eggdodger

    Milk thread

    That's exactly why I drink my friends' milk every chance I get: for my health. Whenever someone offers you free milk, do you just turn it down?
  9. Eggdodger

    Peanut thread

    Found some info about that site you're using. Might not wanna list that as a source, bubby. "In the Wikipedia Seigenthaler biography incident, an anonymous editor introduced false information into the biography of American political figure John Seigenthaler in May 2005. Seigenthaler was falsely...
  10. Eggdodger

    Milk thread

    I will drink any milk offered to me.
  11. Eggdodger

    Peanut thread

    source please you can't just post your layman theories on this forum without some backlash
  12. Eggdodger

    There is a lack of quality threads to post in

    I won't be excited about the achievements until they start giving me points that total up to a "PosterScore" that I can show off to my fellow forum aficionados.
  13. Eggdodger

    Little Debbie Downer

    She's Big Reggie's little sister.
  14. Eggdodger

    A couple of jokes

    tell me more jokes i need a good 'laugh' right now ;)
  15. Eggdodger

    Do you like eggs?

    I fucking hate eggs. What kind of question is that?
  16. Eggdodger

    If it's just a word and a few numbers, that's actually quicker to crack than random numbers...

    If it's just a word and a few numbers, that's actually quicker to crack than random numbers, symbols and letters. Make sure your password doesn't spell out a real word if you want it to be harder to crack. The website's calculations assume somebody can't simply guess your password or develop a...
  17. Eggdodger

    Super Smash Bros.

    SirRob, I want to play against you again sometime! I miss that.
  18. Eggdodger

    Written Memorial for Red

    Ty was born on... and grew up in... He went to ... high school. At ... he started dealing with depression and moved out. It turned into a destructive lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. Through this time, Ty continued to write about his life and fiction stories. In ... he finally decided he had had...
  19. Eggdodger

    whwich game should i buy on steam?

    They can always be IP banned. Valve is pretty high-strung when it comes to security. I mean, you have to accept an e-mail verification to complete a trade now.