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  1. Eggdodger

    Red Delicious Apples make me regurgitate ad nauseam

    Seriously, why do people sell what tastes so awful? Because it looks pretty, just like a ceramic sculpture. Difference being, most ceramic figures aren't sold to eat. Fruit is healthy, but red delicious are not worth the mental anguish they cause me to consume. Some days, though, growing up...
  2. Eggdodger

    Reliable news sources?

    I used to watch CNN before I figured out they tend to dramatize things (and I liked Wolf Blitzer, too). I've gone nearly two years without watching the news and it's driving me insane. Watching the news with my father was a big part of how we bonded; we always discussed politics and current...
  3. Eggdodger


    Seriously, if you didn't already have this game or you didn't get it during the Steam Sale, you're a sucker. A long-time fan of Age of Empires, Roller Coaster Tycoon, and other games that require hair-pulling micromanagement, I decided to play the latest of the Civilization games, V, with all of...
  4. Eggdodger

    Don't Starve/ Don't Starve Together

    So, looking for games to play with WolfNight last week over LAN while she was over, I found Don't Starve Together-- and for $15 for two copies, I thought it was a no-brainer after reading the very entertaining reviews for the game. For those who don't know what the game is, imagine if Tim...
  5. Eggdodger

    Nintendo Network IDs

    I'm surprised nobody's made this thread yet. Wii Us are totally cool, guys. My pals love me for owning a console they would never buy themselves. Share your Wii U usernames here so that people can love and appreciate you via Miiverse, stalk your playing sessions in Mario Kart, infiltrate your...
  6. Eggdodger

    Tips for working in a pizza place

    It has always been my dream to work my way up in the multibillion-dollar pizza industry. That dream is unlikely to be achieved without a lifetime of dedication and devotion to pizza, which I could unwaveringly commit to with passionate, saucy desire if I were so inclined. However, having other...
  7. Eggdodger

    Suggest an MMO for the guy who doesn't play any

    Seriously. I have this problem, see: too much time on my hands. Single player games are boring, multi player games require friends and I don't always have those readily available. Plus, if you suggest something, I can assume you play it, and you can babysit me for a couple months until I reach...
  8. Eggdodger

    Common Core and the American Educational System

    Okay, so. I learn a lot of things on this forum. Things that make me a more informed member of society. It's practical knowledge that can be applied to life. I can take lessons from what I read here. You give sources, facts, perspective. I love that. Learning feels so natural here, so I want to...
  9. Eggdodger

    Starting a Competitive Team Fortress 2 Team

    Alright, here goes. I've contemplated quite a lot about this, and I feel confident that it's a good idea. Ever since I started playing Team Fortress, I have been fascinated by the Medic and have dedicated a fair amount of my spare time mastering his capabilities. I want to take my relationship...
  10. Eggdodger

    Memes that you are glad are dead

    List 'em. Talk about them. Bring those repressed memories back to the surface for one last heartfelt cry session.
  11. Eggdodger

    Things that we don't care about

    Feelings are good and all, but what if you don't have an opinion on something? What if you just don't have the energy or interest to attribute an emotion to something? This is the thread for those things. I've never really understood why people put so much emphasis on graphics in video games...
  12. Eggdodger

    What makes life worth it to you?

    Y'know, I'm just wondering, because I can only speak for myself. I want to see what people value in this world that keeps them around, or if they simply don't like the alternative. For me? I live for people. I love humanity as a whole, and I feel we could do better, not just in general, but as...
  13. Eggdodger

    X Space Simulator Series

    I was introduced via Steam to this series, and from what I've seen of it... Wow. It seems like exactly the sort of game I'd enjoy. Living economies, making a living as a courier ship, space combat, space travel... Very nice. However, I'm one to do my research-- I'm wondering if any of you have...
  14. Eggdodger

    Free-to-Play (Freemium) Games

    With this emerging business model for video games steadily gaining popularity in the community (and certainly the market), it seems this very well may be a staple in the video game industry for a time to come. It sustains indie developers and allows big name developers alike to consistently keep...
  15. Eggdodger

    Bamboo Boards

    I went over to a fellow furry's house last weekend and had a fantastic time with her. Among other things, we drew together on her Bamboo board, connected to a laptop with SAI. The pressure sensor was great, the program was great, just everything was awesome (except her taste in music, but I...
  16. Eggdodger

    The Video Game Darwin Awards

    This thread is all about your most ridiculous, insane blunders in which you either died spectacularly, or the laughter that ensued made you wish you had. The Darwin Awards, in real life, honor those who improve the gene pool by removing themselves from it. http://www.darwinawards.com/ While...
  17. Eggdodger

    Dragon Quest

    Dragon Quest has to be one of my favorite RPG series of all-time. I picked up Dragon Quest IX when it first came out after seeing it on X-Play (they gave it 5 out of 5), and haven't regretted it since. I've been looking for other games in the series, and succeeded in picking up the Dragon Quest...
  18. Eggdodger

    Room for One More?

    I've been thinking, thinking about joining this website for the longest. I've heard of it and grew curious, then I finally summoned the courage to say hello. I'm sure I won't be inclined to regret it- of any community I've witnessed, furries seem to generally be one of the most accepting. Also...