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  1. Spippy

    (Commission) Selling: $10 headshots

    pretty much any species! will always be shaded and have a simple background. for right now ill say 5 slots. payment via paypal! :D here are some examples
  2. Spippy

    (Commission) Selling: Fursona/OC bracelets!(starting $19!)

    These are custom beaded bracelets inspired by your fursona/oc's color palettes! 4 slots available! bracelets can be any size, the standard being 6 1/2 inches (21 beads) they do not have to be fursona/oc related, they can be pride colors, inspired by fictional characters, or even just a couple...
  3. Spippy

    (Commission) Selling: Sock YCHs! $10 (pride!)

    geez been a while. *will be fully shaded, with a simple bg. (please specify if youd like some sort of pattern! like some stars, hearts, etc) *socks can be longer, shorter. same for arm socks (or whatever theyre called) *socks can be any color/pattern! for $2 extra you can have four extra...
  4. Spippy

    ($8) Pumpkin YCH

    Pretty much any species! you can have multiple pumpkin face designs, which would add +$1 per design :D ---- example (character belongs to Sevastyan) ----- and other one (the pumpkin face below is the default design)
  5. Spippy

    4x6 Prints! (3 slots) $8+

    Okay first I hope its okay to post threads where you wanna actually sell...real things? if not, well- oops. So I finally got around to getting more ink for my printer, and now I wanna use up some of my photo printing paper! because wow, I have a lot. These are 4x6, and very glossy! My phone...
  6. Spippy

    Adoptables! $5+

    i was dumb and deleted my previous adopts thread :D so -- they can all be found here: Artwork Gallery for spippy -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  7. Spippy

    $8 YCH - >:p

    colored ex.
  8. Spippy

    $7-$8 Thigh high socks YCH

    Unlimited slots! most characters will be accepted! The only thing I'm not too sure about accepting atm is winged characters. examples: Socks do not have to be pride socks. socks can also be made shorter If you wish to have multiple sock designs on the same character it'll be $1 for...
  9. Spippy

    $5 headshots!

    Okay, first I just wanna apologize if this is messy or anything like that! Its my first time posting here..!! I currently have headshot commissions open! examples: (only have two sorry!!) Any species. Will always be fully shaded and backgrounds are optional (but will only be simple) If...