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  1. Vultark

    (Commission) Selling: Pop Art style Headshots/Icons ($10 - $15) - [OPEN]

    Icon Commissions Open! $15 for lineart/coloured icon (Via Paypal) - Pose of your choice - Background colour optional Email: Vultark@gmail.com Cheers! - Vultark
  2. Vultark

    Any recommendations on Sin City-like graphic novels? Do they exist?

    I suppose what I'm asking is are there any 'best of the best' furry webcomics/graphic novels out there that are a must-read? I'm thinking of making one in a grounded/dark/Frank Miller way that would also be NSFW. Would there be any interest? Thanks! - Vultark
  3. Vultark

    Starting out as an NSFW artist. Wondering what my best strategy is. Any help? (With a few questions)

    Started an account a couple days ago after reading up on money made from artwork within the fanbase. It sounds sleezy but I'm in need of funds and know this is something that I can do and also fit time in with my personal life. I'm comfortable drawing anything except underage stuff and figured...