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  1. contemplationistwolf

    Response to slander

    So, I woke up to the unfortunate reality that an incredibly petty person tried to slander me as a transphobe by taking a discord conversation out of context and twisting its actual meaning. I'm going to clarify a bunch of things now: I'm not a transphobe, in fact, very much the opposite! I'm...
  2. contemplationistwolf

    Presenting yourself as a furry in non-furry communities

    So far, FAF has been the only online-community I have properly socialized in. I'm thinking of branching out though, and into communities that don't have a furry focus. Thus I'm wondering: should I present myself as a furry, or not? On the one hand, doing so could help better find others with...
  3. contemplationistwolf

    Any Age of Empires 2 fans here?

    I've been quite into AoE2 in recent years, and I'm getting into the Definitive Edition now, and I'm wondering, are there other people in these forums that like this game? So far I've played single player almost exclusively. Finished all the campaigns in HD, and have beaten both the Barbarian AI...
  4. contemplationistwolf

    Looking for Aspies to chat with

    I'm someone who's been diagnosed with Asperger's myself. The environment I've grown up in has not been supportive of that, and that has caused some damage to my psyche ... I'm seeking to heal up though, and I figured that the next step towards doing so would be to talk to others who have the...
  5. contemplationistwolf

    Looking to play/discuss RTS games

    Lately I have been quite into RTS games, and I've been thinking that it could be fun to look for friends to play them with here. I'm also curious about the genre in general, so I'm interested: What RTS games do you play and what do you like about these games in particular? Do you have any...
  6. contemplationistwolf

    Hello ... from a loner trying to break out of his shell

    Hi everyone. I'm a 24 year old Computer Science grad student from Europe. I've been a complete misfit my entire life and this has led to me being rather isolated. Being a gay person with furry interests in a not-very-open-minded environment hasn't helped matters, I've stayed in the closet but...