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  1. xremeidiot

    Looking For A Zako Outfit Design (~$100)

    Hihi! I'm trying to make a fictional organization that employs a bunch of expendable zako/cannon fodder that tend to have short lifespans and am looking for someone to help make up a design for their outfit. Probably skimpy or revealing, both male and female, perhaps different...
  2. xremeidiot

    Hiring: Ref Sheet for an Athletic/Muscular Numbat Guy ~$100

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to make the first ref for a stronk boi I'm making to compete with all those kangaroos you see as boxers. Nothing hyper, veiny, or scarred but still very physically fit. I've included what I plan to use him for in the tags if you want to know that. Thank you so...
  3. xremeidiot

    Birthday Anxiety

    Hi everybody, long time no talk. Yesterday I got mad at a user who insulted my boyfriend’s interests and tried to send him a note concerning the comment they left. They blocked me before I even got home from work to see the comment. Being the complete moron I am, I failed to understand that...
  4. xremeidiot

    Trouble Getting the Words Down

    I’ve noticed that whenever I’m in an RP (which is once in a blue moon), I’m able to write hundreds of words per post, with over a thousand over the course of a day. However, when I’m trying to write some fiction on my own, I can barely get a couple hundred a week. Why am I so prolific when I’m...
  5. xremeidiot

    How's this coming along?

    So I've got the first draft for my first ever sona here, what do you folks think of it so far?
  6. xremeidiot

    Dumb Jeopardy

    In this game, you start by giving your answer, and the poster after you asks a question to match it. No editing your posts to save face, this is for comedy! Answer: Ninety-seven.
  7. xremeidiot

    The Mayfly Game

    This a little collaborative storytelling game my sister and I came up with as kids. It’s simple: Every post describes an hour of a mayfly’s life. At the end of the 24th hour, the game ends. Each hour can be as simple or as detailed as you want. The goal is to create as crazy of an adventure as...
  8. xremeidiot


    Feel free to just call me xreme if you want, many have. Anyway, hello there. Nice to finally be on the forum instead of just getting my rocks off on the main site. Took me 2 years but whatever. What finally got me here is my nagging desire to write something combined with my complete lack of...