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  1. JackJackal

    Mind manipulation

    Inspired by Namine from Kingdom hearts. Give the person below you a fake memory or change the memory of the person above! (Olny one action per person starting now)
  2. JackJackal

    Looking for dominant rp partner NSFW (CLOSED!)

    So yeah the mane says it all. M or F it doesn't matter so long as you are dominant and are ok with NSFW. Dm me or tell me if you have Discord and we can talk more there.
  3. JackJackal

    searching for NSFW Macro/micro rp.

    Just looking for specifics now. If you want to rp then start a conversation with me or let me know here! Also Anyone can join I don't care as long as your good at rp's
  4. JackJackal

    Searching for rp partners. (NSFW and SFW)

    Hey there. I'm new to the forums and I was looking for anyone willing to do rp with me. If so start a conversation with me or let me know here! we'll discuss then. MxM and MxF are ok. (Vore, paw/feet, macro/micro are prefered.)