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  1. funky3000

    Funky 2017

    So it's 2017. Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced Lycanrocs. I fell in love with the midnight form. So after 9 years of calling myself Funky, I finally have a character called Funky and is more of an actual fursona than an adopted character. Valthero was cool and all, but he was more like a few...
  2. funky3000

    Probably old and shared before, but...

    This video puts a knot in my throat every time I see it, despite watching it several times. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2x_Fl3NQVd4 It's a truly inspirational story. One that really breaks language barriers. The first time I watched it I almost cried. It takes a lot for me to cry.
  3. funky3000

    New guy on the block

    So I'm new here :V Who's planets can I invade? I need a fuckton of titanium for my megacraft factory. Nothing personal.
  4. funky3000

    The FAF Species poll

    FILL OUT THE FORM HERE So I was bored and just had this idea, to kind of put the community in a graphical representation. What category does your species best fit? Let's throw us all onto a bar graph and see what reigns supreme. EDIT: Probably not the best of choices but it's the best I...
  5. funky3000

    Help on Focus

    Okay, I'm sure this place is mostly for critiques on art quality and etc, but I feel this kind of topic is more relevant here because of what it entails. When I draw, I am extremely distracted. I need to focus, I want to focus, so I can produce art more quickly and reliably. If I'm drawing...
  6. funky3000

    Problems with my car

    So, I own a 2003 Chevy Cavalier, and ran into a bit of an issue today. Ran out of oil as I was trying to turn around, and the car just stopped. Added 2 quarts of oil and it still won't start. Basically what's happening (even before adding oil) is when I try to start it, it just makes a noise...
  7. funky3000

    Things we are indifferent about

    Ever have something that happened that you didn't really love, you didn't really hate, and probably isn't a confession, but you just really wanted to post about it? This is the thread for that! To start this off, I had mustard on a cheeseburger yesterday. I ordered as only ketchup, and I...
  8. funky3000

    If you woke up as a furry, how would you react?

    I'm assuming this has already been done but search is ass so meh. You could take this a few ways: Random furry, fursona, anything else you want. If I woke up a completely random furry, I would break my window and head for the nearest forest and just live the rest of my life hiding. Because...
  9. funky3000

    Town Activities

    So, what sorts of activity is going on in your town? Good or bad, doesn't matter. So this Sunday we had some pretty major flooding out of nowhere. The drainage couldn't keep up with the rain, and there was flooding up past the curbs in some places. My car ended up stalling in front of a Taco...
  10. funky3000

    Evolution VS Creationism

    So, if you want to view the debate, if you haven't, here is the link to the debate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6kgvhG3AkI The debate of evolution VS creationism has been a much more recent and relevant topic because of this debate. For those who don't know or want a refresh, evolution is...
  11. funky3000

    Where can I improve here?

    Alright, so I decided to do some sketching tonight. Its been a while since I've done angled faces. My previous attempt is on my FA page which, I agree, sucks. I'm trying again, though with no downward angle. I want know where I could improve with toony little lineart like this, face-wise...
  12. funky3000

    Quirks about yourself or your habits

    What are the quirks that make you different from most people around you? For starters, whenever I'm eating I have to eat the dish one food at a time. Example being I'll eat the porkchops, then when I'm finished with those move on to the mashed taters, repeat, and I save my drink for last...
  13. funky3000

    Need help with iPad YouTube

    So, I use YouTube on my iPads browser because I don't know the Apple ID password so I can download the app. I'm working on that though. I'm getting this weird glitch lately though. Randomly, my iPad switches it from mobile to desktop without me telling it to. And sometimes it takes a fair...
  14. funky3000

    Custom folders

    I've wanted custom folders for quite some time now. Something similar in style to what DeviantArt does, perhaps. It bugs me because I want to have a project that will come later, and will be in several sections, however, would likely be thrown around into several pages of my gallery if I add...
  15. funky3000

    A quick question

    As I do not own a suit, but plan to, I have a quick question so I have something I can relate to and possibly "prepare" myself for. When wearing a suit, it gets hot inside, I know that. But, what is it comparable to? Is it as hot as a winter coat, and if so, during what time of year or average...
  16. funky3000

    Your worst PC breakdown

    We all get computer breakdowns from time to time, some minor, some bad. What is your worst breakdown to date? Mine would be the time when I was using my computer at night, and it shut off by itself. Confused, I just turned it back on, and put it to sleep when I went to go to bed. The next...