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  1. JinxiFox

    Need a huge furry hug...

    My beloved cat, Phantom has been having some health issues and I'm taking him to the vet today. I'm hoping it's an easy fix, no mala, he's fine and I'm over reacting. Please Dear Bastet, PLEASE let it be that. I honestly can't handle anymore traumatic bullshit. So, if you would, send some hugs...
  2. JinxiFox

    Recommend a furry Discord!

    Yeah, I'm rolling up on this a little late, but anyone know of any decent furry servers?
  3. JinxiFox

    An observation

    These forums make me feel better than Facebook. Soooooooo......MUCH. MORE.
  4. JinxiFox

    Anyone miss me? Did I miss anything?

    Sorry if I ghosted, but I had to take a break from a lot of social circles for some reasons. So, what's been shaking with you my fangtastic furs?
  5. JinxiFox

    This should be fun...

    Post a gif that describes you in high school.
  6. JinxiFox

    Pick my cake!!

    So my birthday is on the 11th, so in a shameless attempt to get birthday well wishes, I'm asking you guys to pick a birthday cake you would bring to my party. Anything goes., but here's a few to kick this sucker off...
  7. JinxiFox

    Post what renews your faith in humanity

    Wait. What? Jinxi posting a beautiful and positive question? Yeah it happens from time to time, get over it. Anyways, Applebutt inspired this thread with his post in the "what makes you lose faith in" thread. So have at it. What does renew your faith in humanity and makes you think...
  8. JinxiFox

    Just a little something to help ya wake up...

    I love this guy.
  9. JinxiFox

    How does one dispose of whale carcass?

    Not in the 7-11 dumpster. www.livescience.com: How Do You Dispose of a Dead Whale? (Hint: Not in a Tiny Dumpster)
  10. JinxiFox

    Bad Kitty

    www.independent.co.uk: Pet cat brings bag full of drugs home to owner
  11. JinxiFox

    I give up on humanity

    www.thetimes.co.uk: Social media Miss Hitler 2018 beauty pageant banned in Russia I just have no words, I mean, WHY IS THIS EVEN A THING?
  12. JinxiFox

    Well, I'm glad they cleared that up.

    What caused 8-foot flames to shoot out of Arkansas hole? Not the devil, official says
  13. JinxiFox

    Only in Texas...

    My family had a lake house there when I was a kid. Yeah, so not shocked. www.nbcnews.com: Mayor on killing gator: ‘This head is going in my office’
  14. JinxiFox

    In case you were wondering why Mario Cart was trending on Twitter

    You will never look at Toad the same way. www.theguardian.com: Stormy Daniels' tell-all book on Trump: salacious detail and claims of cheating
  15. JinxiFox

    Well, they say write what you know.

    And apparently she knew about killing her husband. news.sky.com: Romance novelist who wrote How To Murder Your Husband charged with murdering husband
  16. JinxiFox

    Water is rising

    I'm getting water in my house. This is not good. I'm flipping out.
  17. JinxiFox

    Under the weather

    Blegh. I think I may have pushed myself a bit too hard on this last contract, because now it's done and I'm sick. Anybody have any ridiculous home cures you want to suggest? At this point I don't care if they work or not, laughter is the best medicine. The FDA, WHO, and CDC might disagree...
  18. JinxiFox

    It's not that bad of a name.

    www.usatoday.com: KFC will give $11,000 to first baby born on Sept. 9 who's named Harland Hey, $11,000 ain't nothing to sneeze at.
  19. JinxiFox

    Seems Legit...

    abc13.com: Paranormal investigator fires gun at alleged ghost inside home Taking ghost hunting to a whole new level.
  20. JinxiFox

    How's your Sunday going?

    I just finished my Pumpkin Spice Latte (shut it, I like them), it's raining with thunder and I'm listening to this I'm hoping for a very chill day. How's you?