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  1. Zenia

    Bug/Site Problem: FA/FAF Not Loading on FireFox

    So, when I go to the mainsite (by way of my main gallery page) I am logged out and when I click the login button, I go to the page my browser gives me as if I am not connected to the internet. It shows my main gallery page fine though. Also, the same when I come here to FAF. I don't even get to...
  2. Zenia

    3 YCH pics! ($10 to $12.50)

    Hey guys! I currently have 3 YCH prepose pics up for grabs. They are flat sale, not auction pieces! For $10.00 usd you can have the pic without a background. For $12.50 usd you can have it with a simple background. It will be full color, cell shaded. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14174313/...
  3. Zenia

    Animated Icons

    I am offering animated icons for $5.50usd each. You get a 100x100 sized icon, although if you want a 150x150 one as well, let me know and I can provide both sizes. You can send me an email at zeniawulfe@gmail.com or a Note on the main site with a link to the character you want me to do!
  4. Zenia

    Error Message: Database Error

    I am trying to upload a picture and keep getting a page that only says: --- Database Error For security reasons, this error will not be shown. Please check the website logs for more information. [ Index Page ] --- Is it only me or are other people having this problem too? I was able to...
  5. Zenia

    Drawing Things

    I will draw things. You will take the things and like them. Period. :D
  6. Zenia

    All the bitches want free art

    Post your ref and what you want to be doing. Clean stuff only. :)
  7. Zenia

    Tiny You! - icons

    That's right, $3.50usd for an icon. You tell me... - a link to the characters ref page (or image that shows them clearly), - a facial expression (if you don't specify I make something up), and - a BG color (if you don't specify I make something up). I will draw it on a 100x100 canvas with a...
  8. Zenia

    $5 drawings

    Each character is $5. I will throw on a simple background (more than just a colored square/rectangle) if it is asked for. Here are some samples: zeniawulfe@gmail.com if you are interested. Link me to your ref image and tell me what you'd like. You can tell me a pose or tell me to do...
  9. Zenia

    Bug/Site Problem: Trouble Tickets

    I might just be blind... but since the new layout changes, I can't seem to find the link to file a trouble ticket. Is there one anymore?
  10. Zenia

    Cheap Icons

    Iron Artist time! $2usd each gets you a static avatar of this quality. $2.50usd each gets you a simple animated icon. $5usd gets you a higher quality icon. All icons are headshot/bust only. You pay me through PayPal, then I make your icon. You tell me the size you want and what BG you...
  11. Zenia

    Short Deadline

    I was thinking of drawing my bf a picture myself for the 14th... but then I thought I'd like one by someone else instead. If possible, I'd like it before the 14th. I am up for looking at anything, including matching icons. I want something sweet and romantic, as it will be for Valentines Day...
  12. Zenia

    Energy Drink

    So, I have never tried an energy drink before and I am a little curious. Which brand (and flavor if the brand has different flavors) would you recommend and why? What does your choice taste like? There is probably a bigger variety in the US than in Canada (where I live), but recommend away!
  13. Zenia

    Furry Prank

    I usually don't like "Just For Laughs: Gags" at all (I just like the stand up version)... but I found this one amusing! RhUA0UwRwIQ
  14. Zenia

    Sexy Pinups!

    Hey guys! I am offering up for sale some sexy pinups! I draw makes and females. Clothed, artistically nude or sexually nude! It is all fine by me! Click the images to see the uncensored versions! Price is $25USD and I accept PayPal. I have a very large body of commissions, so I prefer...
  15. Zenia

    Internet Dropping

    My laptop just started this on Sunday... it will be going fine for a little bit and then all of a sudden it will drop to 'local access only' or it will drop everything all together. Meanwhile, my desktop (the one I am on now) will be running just fine. No disconnects or anything. I am not sure...
  16. Zenia

    trade: couple icon - request: birthday art!

    Ok, so my mate and I are looking to get new matching icons! Free is nice, but I am willing to trade for it. A couple of doodles for stationary ones. Maybe a simple picture in my 'serious style' for a nice quality animated (kissy perhaps?) ones. The second part of this post is to request some...
  17. Zenia

    Comment Problem: Notification

    Why am I not notified of every comment made on a submission that I have made? I just discovered this. Two people were having an argument through comments on one of my submissions and I didn't even know about it until just now since I didn't get any notice in my Inbox of new comments. I would...
  18. Zenia

    Doodles/Serious/Comics - Reasonable Prices!

    I am attempting to earn enough money ($240) to buy a single Critter Nation cage for my bunny and have it shipped to Canada! So I am doing commissions! ******* Doodle commissions, these are fun and quick. They are drawn quickly with no revisions unless I have made a horrible mistake! You can...
  19. Zenia

    Pet Bunnies

    How awesome are they! I just got my first bunny since I was a kid. She is a little 5 week old black lionhead. She is so fluffy and looks like her fur got crimped. This is what she looks like now. This is what she will eventually look like. She is happily munching on some hay now. :) But she...
  20. Zenia


    I feel like doing some quick doodle commissions. They are drawn quickly (no revisions unless I have made a horrible mistake) and will be finished today! You can see how fast I have been churning them out if you go to my FA. For $5USD you get one or two characters and a minimal background. Yes...