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  1. gabbo13

    Your fictional character crush

    I wouldn't follow this fandom if I've never met Toahiko Ooshima from the visual novel Morenatsu. The tiger in mention is so hot and I have many fantasies with him. It's sad the the visual novel was cancelled and I'll never play the route.
  2. gabbo13

    Fox Gang!!!!!

    Hey! It's time to make an appreciation post.
  3. gabbo13

    Being furry and introvert

    By the way, is there anyone who's having depression before you joined to the fandom? Am I the only wone or what, but I'm alone and isolated in my own home before the pandemic, dealing with the dillema about my future after I graduated from college. But I started to talk with a couple of furries...
  4. gabbo13

    Being furry and introvert

    It's hard to get any friends and see if it's the right ones.
  5. gabbo13

    Being furry and introvert

    I also worked in customer service but it didn't last longer, although they paid me in that time. And I'm also OK being a calm and introverted person while I'm working in some projects during the pandemic and the social issues are having right now.
  6. gabbo13

    Being furry and introvert

  7. gabbo13

    Being furry and introvert

    I can do both things when I have free time.
  8. gabbo13

    Being furry and introvert

    I want to open this thread about how you benefited of being part of the furry fandom as an introvert. In my case I like this community, however I can hardly talk in whatever group I'm part of, whether is a Discord server or a group on Telegram. The only good is I have a few people who I talk...
  9. gabbo13

    Writers’ Support Thread

    Can anyone share a blog on this thread? Is it valid?
  10. gabbo13

    How do you express your creativity?

    In my teenage years I enjoyed a D&D session once while I was dealing with anxiety and depression at school and tried to integrate with different people than family or friends. But I wish I want to come back playing this table top game or any RPG. It's a way to break the ice. On the other hand...
  11. gabbo13

    Are there any Latin American furs on this forum?

    I'm curious about how many Latin American furs are present on this site, because I just started to make a videoblog (and some blogposts) about this fandom due to their popularity and becoming mainstream (almost, I think?). It's in the researching phase where I have two guys who are interested in...
  12. gabbo13

    How old were you when you became a Furry?

    I discovered the Furry fandom when I was 15-16 years old, but I officially joined around 22-23 years old.
  13. gabbo13

    How much alcohol do you consume?

    I drink alcohol once in a while, mostly beer.
  14. gabbo13

    Are there any filmmakers in this fandom?

    About The Fandom documentary on YouTube and the feature film about the origins and the acceptance of the furry fandom, and the hype for the first Furry Film Festival, I just wonder if there are people who work on the industry or independent/freelance, and if there's any project to show and share...
  15. gabbo13

    Furry Dating/Hookup Websites - Are They All Bad?

    I only use Howlr, which is Tinder but for furries. I don't know if you tried out because I found some interesting people inside and outside of my country where I live. The other sites is Ferzu, but unlike Howlr, is more a freemium service. On the other hand, sometimes is hard to find the...
  16. gabbo13

    I'm new to this forum

    I will.
  17. gabbo13

    I'm new to this forum

    Thank you!
  18. gabbo13

    I'm new to this forum

    Hi everyone. I'm Gabbo The Fox. I'm a college graduate in Film and Television four years ago and I'm currently working on my own project, which is a series of videoblogs about the geek and internet culture in Latin America, and I always wanted to make while I was studying, and I have a blog...