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  1. HotRodLincoln

    Why all the hate on Country Music?

    And don't give me any of that "It's all the same Patriotic stuff" garbage
  2. HotRodLincoln

    Rate the Movie Scene above you

    Same thing as Rate the Song above you, but with movie, no edits, like compilations, just straight up clips from movies try not to post ones that are too long WINDtlPXmmE
  3. HotRodLincoln

    Favorite Live Albums/Performance Films

    Live albums aren't as popular anymore, probably because 90% of musicians can't perform live, since everything is doctored up in the studio so they sound better Here are some of my favorite live albums 1. The Band - The Last Waltz (also my favorite album of all time) 2. Johnny Cash - Live at...
  4. HotRodLincoln

    This job would be awesome

    http://www.southgatearc.org/news/september2010/stairway_to_heaven.htm My friend climbs up to 300 to do work on towers, to pay for college, I haven't had a chance to show him this yet, but I'm sure he'd love it
  5. HotRodLincoln

    RIP Leslie Nielsen

    He was one of my favorites, I always looked forward to anything he was in. RIP http://movies.yahoo.com/news/movies.ap.org/leslie-nielsen-naked-gun-fame-dies-age-84-ap
  6. HotRodLincoln

    WTF IS THIS???????

    http://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=31921&sid=9f4f9b743dd85392ad9d2a7340eed2f3 I don't think I've EVER come across something as weird and twisted as this
  7. HotRodLincoln

    Well......Looks like I need a new iPod

    I filled it up, I got London Calling yesterday, now there is no more room on it 2009 songs, 318 Megabytes left on it
  8. HotRodLincoln

    Founding member of ELO killed in tragic freak accident

    Man, what are the chances of that. Killed when a bail of hay rolled down a hill and crushed his van as he drove by. RIP ELO has always been one of my favorite bands
  9. HotRodLincoln

    SS America/SS United States

    I've always been into anything vintage, especially people movers like this. Year after year I've seen the SS United States as I go into Philly, always found her to be very interesting, here are some interesting pictures some of you may be interested in SS America 1994 2004 2005, 06, 07...
  10. HotRodLincoln

    Text: Status: Not Retrieved

    Lately, I've been getting more and more messages from freinds, who don't normally text me they all say Status: Not Retrieved Subject: No Title From: (phone number) then some stuff with transaction IDs and message sizes It is an old phone, I can't afford a new one, an old Samsung...
  11. HotRodLincoln

    Straight Novels

    I didn't really think of it until recently, but novels with anthro characters, so I look it up on amazon, almost all of them are gay novels, which I have no interest in reading Any good straight ones? or maybe ones where sex doesn't really matter as much?
  12. HotRodLincoln

    Gotta say "Go Dodge!" for this one

    sorry if this is a repost http://buzz.yahoo.com/buzzlog/93924?fp=1 Oh, I love this, PETA is the most hypocritical organization, this is great, I love it I so want to quote the announcer, but that would spoil it for yall That chimp's a Pretty Entertaining & Talented Animal if...
  13. HotRodLincoln

    Talk me out of buying this please

    http://cgi.ebay.com/Vintage-70s-Cool-Rolling-Stones-Stripe-Stretch-Jeans-/250679854520?pt=Vintage_Men_s_Clothing#ht_654wt_1139 Seriously, I really need a reason not to buy them
  14. HotRodLincoln

    Watch out where the huskies go

    and don't you eat that yellow snow This is the Frank Zappa thread He is the slime from your video Great underrated artist I wish I could have seen him live Any fans here?
  15. HotRodLincoln

    Arteries? Who needs em....

    I'm having a barbecue next Saturday, I'm making these for everybody http://www.speakeasy.org/~sjmaks/bcb/
  16. HotRodLincoln

    Facebook is creeping me out, man

    You know those ads on the side of the screen that suggest things for you to like? Facebook is always suggesting things for me to like that I never even talk about on facebook but I do like a couple of months ago, it suggested I like the Concession comic, and I did, at the moment (I had not...
  17. HotRodLincoln

    Source for this image?

    Well, this was posted on a Post your Desktop on another forum I'm on, despite several other members asking, and trying to find a source ourselves, we cannot find it can somebody here help?
  18. HotRodLincoln

    Bad Company, Free, The Firm

    Well, I went to the Let Freedom Rock Fest last night, one of the best concerts I ever been to (then again, I've only been to 2 including that one) It was Paul Rogers, AMAZING vocalist, even after all these years, he still could sing just like he could in Free. He ended on All Right Now, then...
  19. HotRodLincoln

    Furry Hippies

    And once again, to add to my strangeness, I decided I'm going to grow out my hippie hair like I used to (Imagine Alvin Lee at Woodstock) And right now I have on bell bottom jeans and a Tie Dye shirt (from the 2009 Hot Rod Power Tour, but it is still tye dye) Any hippies here?
  20. HotRodLincoln

    Disco Furs

    OK< now for the most random one, and the look I am usually in. I wear polyester flare pants and disco shirts very frequently. I have every Bee Gees album, and the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever I want to buy a leisure suit, but don't have the money, and I don't want to buy a suit...