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  1. Silence

    Detailed Digital Work Sale

    Hello! Im opening for a few slots of artwork here! My rules are pretty simple but if need clarification ask! YES monster,alien,feral, robots, wildlife,fantasy,science fiction,pet portraits, sfw, nsfw,most kinks, gore NO rape, crushing,mecha(im not good at it),scat,minors in sexual situations...
  2. Silence

    High Quality Digital Artwork: Kink Discounts

    Hello! Im looking to have more variety in the kink related artwork that I draw, so for the month of Love, I am hosting a discount for these kinks! NO GO NO MATTER WHAT: Rape/Non CON(dub is a 'maybe', ask), crushing, minors in sexual situations, anthro or humans with ferals in sexual situations...
  3. Silence

    Per Hour Commissions

    Hello! My name is Silence and im opening for 10hrs of artwork! To see my Terms of service and will and wont do list please go here: docs.google.com: Basic ToS/WILL WONT I charge 20$ per hour! Please bare in mind that while i can manage to draw 2 characters in a 5hr time peice, a single...
  4. Silence

    Burton'ed Icons/Headshots

    Looking to do some cheap headshots or icons in a tim burton style. The two examples: Icon: 8$ 500x500 Your choice of greyscale or flat colors, one character Couple Icons: 15$ Headshots 15$ Headshots will be in far greater detail, larger size and color and shading. Form: Please post this...
  5. Silence

    Wacom help needed!

    I'm using a bamboo pen and touch, the model comes with a usb cord that can detach from the tablet itself, though I havent figured out why or if there is a cordless way to use it. The point is, I do not have the reciept, this was a present, he no longer has the reciept either. I can plug the...
  6. Silence

    Looking for Icons

    Im looking for a bunch of different icons(so ill be hiring a few artists perhaps). animated is fine but it isnt needed. Must be able to: draw nagas and chakats do funny faces. I want mood icons Please post some examples and your price range! :3
  7. Silence

    Looking for Suit(Head) Designer/Icons

    I see no point in making two posts so ill just request for both of them here c: First off, the fursuit Head. I would like to get a realistic version of this:http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7767997/ so basically a non-raptor bird(in this case magpie) skull with a moveable lower jaw. I would...
  8. Silence

    Looking for couples icons

    Looking for something in my price range(which is sadly below 20$) of couple icons of myself and my mate.
  9. Silence

    Artwork starting at 3$

    I need to take a few quick commissions so here we go. If you want something merely post here or note me with what you want, references and so forth. Money has to be sent first. 3$ Icon example: 5$ picture examples. One is NSFW and just linked. NSFW http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7334239
  10. Silence

    Need some critique

    I cant finish this picture because numerous things are bothering me, the thing is I dont know how to fix them .__. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7031210
  11. Silence

    3$ Iron artist

    for 3$ you can get something like this: or interested? Either post here or join me on stream! www.livestream.com/artspotted
  12. Silence

    looking for plushie maker-magpie

    Im looking for someone who can make plushies, a magpie specifically because no stores offer them and bleh.
  13. Silence

    3$ portraits on livestream

    ones like this: Livestream: www.livestream.com/artspotted
  14. Silence

    A bird's got to eat-Selling digital commissions

    Not going to sugar coat it. I need grocery money and I need it now. There's issues going on. I'm going to lower prices a bit so I can make it 'fair' if you will. if interested note me or leave a comment here. form: what you want: references: personality of character: any particular pose? rating...
  15. Silence

    need redline(deer knowledge)

    need redline for the deer if anyone can give me it :) thank you http://i.imgur.com/IIQOA.jpg
  16. Silence

    livestream commissions: starting at 2$

    stream is now offline but you can note me if interested in commissions if you want something rated NC-17 thats going to cost a bit extra, but just ask. www.livestream.com/artspotted http://i.imgur.com/bltmP.jpg(large version) badges:
  17. Silence

    High Detailed Digital Work starting at 2$

    Halloween special: Anything over 20$ will be subject, at the end of the final cost, to a 10% discount As always money is tight, so here we go. I'm willing to forgo some of my 'wont draw's depending on what it is, so if you want something particularly NSFW drawn, just ask and we can figure it...
  18. Silence

    Need some critique/editing

    I don't know if I want to post it here since its a bit nsfw and all that, but I would really like someone to help me edit a three page short story. If your willing note me, and maybe I can do something for you in return for art. The story has BDSM in it so again don't want to post it here.