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  1. furvien

    podge and rodge : furry tale

    check this out , lol I was watchen podge and rodge last night and this came up I just thought it would be funny to show to all you americans (even though its probably already been shown) enjoy :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmZE_wUQ76o&feature=channel_video_title
  2. furvien


    In my travels of the interwebs I have heard the term used a couple of time but i never knew what it meant, so I tried looking it up and I found nothing. can anyone please help?
  3. furvien

    whats the crazyest non sexual thing you have ever done

    as the title sez whats the crazyest non sexual thing you have ever done? in my case i did a backflip off a bridge on a bet and won 20 quid out of it (YAY :D) ,but never again it was the single scaryest experiance of my life so whats yours?
  4. furvien

    my first story for FA (in progress)

    ok as the title says I am in the process of writing my first story for FA this will mainly just be to introduce my character and to see how you will react to how I write. Plot: the story will follow a small team of mercs doing a hit on an escaped Nazi doctor turned torturer for hire. The chase...
  5. furvien

    in FPS games whats your class

    in games like MW2 or battlefield bad company 2 what class/position do you mainly play as? for example I mainly use snipers but i also have a tendancy to get funky with explosives to specify in modern warfare 2 my sniper class is... primary: Wa2000 FMJ secondary:Ranger FMJ or RPG-7...
  6. furvien

    umm Hi im Ev

    Hello my name is Evan (just call me Ev) I'm totally new to the fandom and I know practically nothing I made my account on FA a good while back but never really knew what to do with it it, was like "hey im on fur affinity...... now what?" So what to say........ well first off im irish (im...