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  1. kvasoly

    (Commission) Selling: 3 commission slots - from $12

    Also, you can take this YCH: www.furaffinity.net: Fixed price YCH! by kvasoly
  2. kvasoly

    (Commission) Selling: 3 commission slots - from $12

    All information in the picture. Ask any questions!
  3. kvasoly

    Custom or ref sheet auction - sb is $10

    I'd like to offer you my custom/ref sheet auction: www.furaffinity.net: Customization or reference sheet [auction] by kvasoly The basic ref(bid below 20) includes one fullbody and such details as paws and eyes. If you'd like to order a reference, I can change anything. If you'd like to order...
  4. kvasoly

    NSFW Animated YCH for $67

    Hi! I'd like to show you my first animated YCH. It will be with lineart, coloring and shading. I'll do it more smooth and accurate. I can change EVERYTHING as your character is. And I'll be happy if you buy it, cause I really want to try animation but have no time to make it for myself. Here's a...
  5. kvasoly


  6. kvasoly

    (Base/YCH) Selling: X-RAY YCH

    Hi! I hope you'd be interested in my YCH: www.furaffinity.net: X-RAY YCH AUCTION by kvasoly Will be very happy if you like it! ^^
  7. kvasoly

    (Commission) Selling: Sketch commissions for $5

    Hi! I'd like to offer you 3 slots of commissions for $5. The result would be like the first image but more accurate and detailed. The second image is to show how I draw another species. Important information: • PayPal only • Payment within 48 hours, no refunds • Deadline is a month
  8. kvasoly

    Trading toyhouse codes for stuff

    If it's still open, maybe you could be interested in my art: https://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/kvasoly/
  9. kvasoly

    Free custom characters on Waitress bases!

    Hi! I want one from you! I'll be happy to get anything you'll do but it it will be cool if you make something connected with crystals /Hope you understand, I'm not so good in English x_x/
  10. kvasoly

    NSFW art trade

    Hi there! I'm still feeling like a new one on FA and I need nsfw practice, so looking for art trade with someone. Here's my gallery: Artwork Gallery for kvasoly -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Cool if you have skill level like mine, but honestly, it's not matter. Important stuff: • I can draw human...
  11. kvasoly

    YCH PONY - SB $10

    Still waiting for you!
  12. kvasoly

    YCH PONY - SB $10

    Sale! NOW SB IS $5
  13. kvasoly

    YCH PONY - SB $10