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  1. selkie

    What's the best marine animal?

    I gotta know.
  2. selkie

    Others "adjusting" to your personality.

    I just started college, which means meeting a lot of new people. When I introduce myself and talk to them, at some point in the conversation they give me a strange look or act confused by something I've done or said. They don't seem angry or anything, just taken aback a bit, and I have no idea...
  3. selkie

    Interesting Ways You've Broken Up.

    I'm very curious how other people break up. Has anyone done anything, as terrible as this sounds, creative? Out of the ordinary? Or do you all just go with "kaybye"? Has anybody broken up with you in an unusual sort of way? Texting / email / phone calls don't count, unless you wrote a "fuhhhk...
  4. selkie

    New Furry. :D

    Hello, everyone! I'm Selkie! I'm eighteen years old and live in New York, New York. I'm new to the whole furry community, and I really hope I can find my place in it. I've always loved the idea of anthropomorphic characters, but didn't know others shared the same interest! I'm currently still...