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  1. kylr23

    Pokemon Art academy

    I sort of ran into this title at walmart I didnt get it I thought it was quite interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I1s7YrF68m4
  2. kylr23

    I can hear music but no voices in any vids.

    So for example every single yt vid, I hear no voices, every other vid thats not yt no voices. I installed a sound card driver (intergrated). and made sure it was on sterio since I only use head phones. Anyways I tried everything I still dont know what the *** is going on.
  3. kylr23

    Theme Park Studio

    Anyways there is a interesting simulation thats being made and has a planed release for the summer. http://www.facebook.com/ThemeParkStudio Anyways this is the same studio that made a old coaster sim called hyper rails, so far they been talking to the roller coaster tycoon community as a...
  4. kylr23

    So I got 4 copys of dota 2

    I am willing to give them to some one who wants it or trade it for another game (the game is a 29.99 value just to get into the beta though). Anyways...
  5. kylr23

    Lets Suck at. (an attempt at making a let play series)

    How ever I am not good at any game that I touch! So thats why I named it, irionicly I know how to play a game unlike some guy with a T and a W in his name, so prepare to see the worst player sorta... Episode 1: Cod:Bop2 Multi...
  6. kylr23

    Hostess Bankruptcy!

    For those who have no clue Hostess gone into chapter eleven some time ago, almost after they got out of it... Well Unfortionatly for eveyr one who loves them twinkies, and work at the place (like me). Hostess may be closing down. The two biggest unions got the best and final offer, instead of...
  7. kylr23

    I got a extra closed beta key for ghost recon Online.

    While I do sort of want offers for it but seeing its a f2p game Ill leave that to some one who would be silly enough for so...So Who wants a key?:D
  8. kylr23

    Games for one dollar for Onlive~ *new users and current users alike.

    So here was the deal One of the emplyees made a deal to get a certen milestone for there servace on face book. (aka like them) and they will give a special promotion to every one and to new users for a 98% off code. This means you can get any game you liek for a dollar or less. I sugest you...
  9. kylr23

    I Am War.

    I am a space marine. For those who love the warhammor universe a new game just came out called War hammor Space Marine. Basicly its a 3red person shooter but is so dang safifying kicking the enemys rear ends with your sword. For those who are going to say its a rip off of gow, War hammor...
  10. kylr23

    Name your own price story comisions

    Heya I am not really known, nor well do I think many people will actually want a story comish, how ever I am in desperate need because I would like to upgrade my pc, get a few things and save a bit more for schooling if I end up over the intended goal amount. All the information is in my...
  11. kylr23

    upgrading my cpu/ Processor

    right now I have a intel core 2 duo processor and my mother board is Intel Corporation D945GCF (LGA 775). Now I want to update it but failed to find what its compatible to. any help?
  12. kylr23

    Thinking on doing story comisions. *need advice*

    Hi there Im kinda okish at writing, how ever as far as grammar and wording it always been my struggle point, but regardless I thinking of doing comisions anyways. I was wondering what would be a fair price? My pitch is aiming for 10 per page with a max limit of 10 pages for any single story...
  13. kylr23

    Also Looking for editor

    Same here though I have some standards. >.>; Also yes some one who willing to help for free, and be able to help me out as well with out comming off as rude or anything that would be awsome! *Must be willing to help out *Must be willing to help and deal with any spelling errors or grammar...
  14. kylr23

    Black Tapestries

    http://blacktapestries.comicgenesis.com/ Now I first found this web comic when I was into the Transfromation genra. At first I liked it. The idea of having a Human go into 'cursed' town and become a werefox. It was interesting then...It sorta went down hill, I mean come on, one of the...
  15. kylr23

    Questions ragarding something

    Ok lets just says I made a reference sheet and posted it on the main FA site. Some time latter some one decided to make a picture based off of it. (*and with out asking me*) Is this against the AUP? Because after some time and thought I wounder if the said picture is in violation. Heh. Sorry if...
  16. kylr23

    Final Destination 4

    Yeup it is true! A 4th Final Destination personally I like it for the death scenes and the cheesiness's. But this one looks a bit interesting though I see that now the movie series is at. 2 boys that had premonitions 2 girls that had premonition's. <sp?>
  17. kylr23

    painting with the imp I need some tips and tricks

    yeah self explaintory here I dont know how to make the gimp to a meachean that makes game photos like consept are (*i know im a cheater :p). To somthing of web comic quality, its been bothering me that this place only has ps tut no gimp stuff :(
  18. kylr23

    insert random persion here

    Hello mY name is Kyle aka kylr23 (I prafur kyle though). My spelling is horrid so please try to stay with me. I am a fox furry (my fursona that is :p), I happened to of found this site through a site I go to F-M. My drawings are meh though im a artst im a art persion in the making well still...