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  1. Tufts

    Will "CUb" porn bring FA down?

    its not illegal in the USA. reread please.
  2. Tufts

    So, why in the hell do you/furries like Pokemon/Digimon?

    because the games are fun!
  3. Tufts

    pretty new to the forums!

    accidental double post :\
  4. Tufts

    pretty new to the forums!

    thanks! hope your having fun :) thanks! i like it a lot n.n
  5. Tufts

    Alpha and Omega seems like a furrie's wet dream

    this movie looks terrible, and i will def. not be seeing it in theaters.
  6. Tufts

    AX 2011? Anyone Going?

    i will be going to ax2011. will most likely be a staffer.
  7. Tufts

    Rainfurrest anyone?

    i will def. be at rainfurrest. bought my ticket and everything.
  8. Tufts


    ill most likely be at this con.
  9. Tufts

    pretty new to the forums!

    So im pretty much new to these forums! im much more active on my FA page and the main FA site in general, but i thought id see about posting etc on these forums! lets see what happens :3
  10. Tufts

    Muslim Cab driver slashed by NY resident

    its pretty sad how shit like this is actually going on. bunch of monkeys humans are. :\
  11. Tufts

    Should Sex be banned?

    yes, lets ban sex and end the human race. *eyerolls*
  12. Tufts

    How are YOU going to survive your next year of school?

    by doing all my work and getting As like normal. ;)
  13. Tufts

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    playing LOZ: WW atm. such a great game, but getting 100% (figurines included) is going to be a pain.
  14. Tufts

    will you still be a furry when you get older

    i most likely wont be. once i hit a certain age ill be doing better things with my life lol.
  15. Tufts

    Furs by College/University

    riverside community college - california here.
  16. Tufts


    anyone want to battle? :O!
  17. Tufts

    Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

    i want to battle :O!
  18. Tufts

    Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

    let me know when yo uwould like to play rob :O
  19. Tufts

    Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver

    so no battles? :O