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  1. redfox7777

    Bojack Horseman

    Bojack Horseman is my favourite adult cartoon. The ending of season 3 - WOW ^_^ I want more. Now!
  2. redfox7777

    Creating a Plug.dj Furry Community

    We are still there ^_^
  3. redfox7777

    Creating a Plug.dj Furry Community

    This room is actually now more active. It was very hard to find newcomers for this room at the beginning. Now we have people who are online like every day. You should definitely try it out. Come hang out on plug.dj and listen to awesome music for free.
  4. redfox7777

    Creating a Plug.dj Furry Community

    Thanks for your opinion Starbeak! :) Come on party people join us ^_^ The hardest part is to start. Once we have some active people it's really fun. Every genre is welcome. Come hang out on plug.dj and listen to awesome music for free.
  5. redfox7777

    The dumbest thing you've ever said on the Internet?

    I guess every single hate comment was the dumbest thing I've every posted on the net. Especially in the console war Playstation vs. Xbox <_< It was a long time ago but I'm glad that this is over. Today I'm neutral. Everyone can only have their very own opinion and no one can decide what's good...
  6. redfox7777

    What headset do you use?

    I have the Logitech G35 (virtual 7.1) and the wireless Playstation headset which is pretty good and I use it also for my pc.
  7. redfox7777

    What did you furries do to Russia's mascot?!? :O

    This is maybe my "made my day moment". Let's see what else I find on the net today ^_^
  8. redfox7777

    What's the deal with Zootopia and the furry fandom?

    I LOVE THIS MOVIE. Not because of the furry thing. I've always liked animals or anthropomorphic animals in animation movies. I like all the detail and the expressions of the characters. It's one of my all time favourite movies and I watch all kind of movies ^_^
  9. redfox7777


    Haven't seen it yet but I'm sure that I will like it.
  10. redfox7777

    Best video game music?

    I've played this level so many times ^_^
  11. redfox7777

    What's your recent musical discovery?

    My last discovery was the genre electro swing and the funny thing is that the first video I've seen on youtube was with anthropomorphic animals ^_^
  12. redfox7777

    Creating a Plug.dj Furry Community

    Hello furballs, I've just found plug.dj again. The Site was down but it is back online! I was looking for a furry community but there are just old communities without any people in it. So I'm asking you now. Would you like the create a new one? We could start with this one: Come hang out on...