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  1. selkie

    International Women's Day

    And to celebrate I went to work wearing my whorey uniform. ugh why dont people tell me this stuff exists
  2. selkie

    Are there fandoms out there stranger than the furry Fandom?

    I love how some of the replies are talking about how she packs too much and loves shoes "just like real girls!!! lol" And the poor thing's boobs are down to her waist. :< Surprisingly, I'm not offended.
  3. selkie

    What Are You Listening To?

    I Cut Like a Buffalo by the Dead Weather
  4. selkie

    Beats by Dr. Dre or Skullcandy?

    Got some of Beats for Christmas, don't bother. I used them one time and the left earbud pulled a "fuck you" and stopped working.
  5. selkie

    Are most furries actually virgins?

    This poll is awwright
  6. selkie

    I think this fandom made me more Normal then I was before...Reverse furry affect?

    I was hopeful and then I read this and kind of agreed.
  7. selkie

    Drinking buddies

    Aw, I don't know anybody here in real life, and I don't go on the internet when I'm drunk. :(
  8. selkie

    Greaser Furs

    This This is the best subset of furries ever.
  9. selkie

    Dog collars

    are you kidding me how many times do we have to talk about collars Someone just sticky this, it's old.
  10. selkie

    Posting a New Comic

    Well, you could even just make the title bigger, making it take up more space? More planes or bigger title, they'd both work.
  11. selkie

    Posting a New Comic

    Wow, you're an excellent artist. (: I'll have to keep up witcho comic. But the way first panel with the title seems a bit empty on the right side.
  12. selkie

    Post a pic of your Desktop/Gaming Setup

    I wish I was home! My cousin has an outrageous set up. He built a special shelf so all of his systems fit perfectly into little slots around his computer / tv, making a little solar system. I'll see if I can get a picture soon. (:
  13. selkie

    Nazi Furs and Baby Furs

    Most Nazis aren't even German anymore, the laws over there are SO STRICT. They're all in Alabama and prison.
  14. selkie

    Dog collars

    what about manly females or girly men what about them :<
  15. selkie

    Dog collars

    There are so many threads about this. :<
  16. selkie

    Markus Linkous Commits Suicide

    Someone gave me a CD with a song by Sparklehorse on it three years ago, and I listened to it a few times but got kinda bored of it. I still felt really sad when I saw this, though. Some weird connection to Sparklehorse
  17. selkie

    Where the felines at?

    I feel left out. ;_______; Nooooohohohoooo
  18. selkie


    I liked Zeitgeist, but I didn't believe anything it said. It was obnoxiously It was stupid, but interesting.
  19. selkie


    My church never really pressured us to do it, but the notion seems like a really good one, even out of any religious context. So I gave up tea and almond milk. I guess liesure time, for lack of a better phrase. Now I'm going to all the student-run stuff nobody else wants to go to because it...
  20. selkie

    "The Wolfman" rips off "Twilight"

    yeah man also fuck nosferatu