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  1. Khaki

    Fantastic Facts, Helpful Hints, Truthful Tips and Words of Wisdom

    G'day folks once again, As we all know, the Internet is the fantastic method of accessing information, cat videos and other vital material for our viewing at the quick click of a button. So, let's put that handy tool to our use, Feel free to place down any little bits of information that you...
  2. Khaki

    Reverse Advertising

    Hello folks, A while ago, after purchasing some kit that I needed from a camping store I had a browse of the other items for sale and came across a bunch of "Gerber" tools/knives for sale, since I could use a decent knife, it caught my interest. However in an attempt to advertise their...
  3. Khaki


    (I wasn't sure whether this thread belonged to the Writer's section of the forums or in Off topic, however since the beginning subject is not furry related. Off topic seemed most ideal, if not, feel free to move it.) Anyway, BOOKS! Here is a thread to discuss about books, whether to talk...
  4. Khaki

    What's up Doc?

    How has your day been FaF?
  5. Khaki

    Outdoor Activities

    Every group, or organization will contain people of varying interests and hobbies. So I thought I'd start a thread on Outdoor activities to see what interests people on this site undertake. Whether that may be for example: Camping 4wdriving Shooting/Archery Canoeing Navigational...
  6. Khaki

    Hello World.

    G'day folks, I've just been browsing this forum for a while now after hearing that this is where all the cool kids hanged out, so I thought I'd might finally pop my head in the door and say hello to everyone on here. "Hello".