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  1. brian577

    Furry Cons & Coronavirus

    Some people don't do well without psychical human interaction, right now that doesn't seem to be encouraged. That's all I'm saying. Not everyone stuck in a quarantine zone is going to treat it like a god damn vacation.
  2. brian577

    Furry Cons & Coronavirus

    What about your mental health? Regardless I wonder if this bug is going to kill the "con boom" we've been experiencing. Seems like every year we have a new con, by next year will only a few be left?
  3. brian577

    How to save the fursuit parade

    As we are all aware, fursuit parades are being canceled at larger cons such as FWA and MFF due to attendance growth and logistical limitations. Well I I'm here to say it doesn't have to be like that nor should it be. The solutions are obvious and simple and I can't believe other cons haven't...
  4. brian577

    Anthro Northwest!!

    Was it true NSFW art and panels were not allowed and the con was pushing it as a "family friendly" event? Don't think I'd enjoy con were (legal) adult fun is frowned on because kids. For me cons are about cutting loose (within reason) in a safe place without having to worry about offending some...
  5. brian577

    When is a suit no longer the product of its maker

    So if I have a fursuit by a well known maker who has photo ops at cons and if I replace parts of the suit with another makers, when am I no longer welcome? If I replace the head? The body? Any part? What are the rules for this kind of thing?
  6. brian577

    PSA: About "coming out" as a furry

    I actually start with anthropomorphism. Ask them if they're familiar with the concept (most obviously aren't) I explain what it means and go from there.
  7. brian577

    Find out who deleted a submission?

    I have several images in my favorites that have been deleted. I'd like to at least figure out who they belonged to, is that possible?
  8. brian577

    RMFC 2017 canceled

    If you really think shutting down the con was just about the Raiders or the threats, you need to do more research.
  9. brian577

    How the heck do most people go to multiple conventions a year?

    More or less, you save, you budget, it's not that complicated.
  10. brian577

    Space Pawdyssey (My Comic)

    Been following it since practically the first comic. Love it.
  11. brian577

    RMFC 2017 canceled

    Yep the people against Nazis and bigotry are the ones ruining the fandom /s
  12. brian577

    RMFC 2017 canceled

    It was a joke
  13. brian577

    RMFC 2017 canceled

    " Yakamaru No "Awooo'ing" allowed " Who's the real fascist here?
  14. brian577

    RMFC 2017 canceled

    None. Some furs are trying to found a new one called Mile High Fur Con though.
  15. brian577

    RMFC 2017 canceled

    Things kind of blew up over the past 24 hours culminating in the con shutting down. Rocky Mountain Fur Con canceled following neo-Nazi associations, tax irregularities | flayrah Rocky Mountain Fur Con
  16. brian577

    Better maturity filter

    I think a lot of that would only work if submissions are properly tagged.
  17. brian577

    Recommend games for PSVR?

    PSVR only workes on PS4. There's a demo of Job Simulator on the included demo disc, I'll check it out. Haven't heard of Windlands, I 'll take a look at it too.
  18. brian577

    Recommend games for PSVR?

    Picked up a PSVR this last week and I've been fooling around with with Playroom VR and the demo disc. Any games to recommend? From what a I can tell VR games seem a little overpriced for what you get, so I'm looking for games that will be worth the money.
  19. brian577

    Texas Furry Fiesta 2017

    I'll be there, it will only be my second con. No fursuit for me either, just isn't going to be finished in time. I'll definitely stop by and say hello if I see you.
  20. brian577

    Touchscreen-responsive material?

    Not sure were you'd find it Japan but it's called conductive thread. You'd could try Amazon.jp