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  1. furvien

    podge and rodge : furry tale

    check this out , lol I was watchen podge and rodge last night and this came up I just thought it would be funny to show to all you americans (even though its probably already been shown) enjoy :D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmZE_wUQ76o&feature=channel_video_title
  2. furvien

    Sooo... favorite song??

    I love this song atm :3 "Eos" by Celldweller http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRAZho_a-2Y&feature=autoplay&list=QL&index=1&playnext=4
  3. furvien

    Stupid people in school.

    3rd year we were all in art class and a guy we all knew went past the door with his arms loaded high with books we hear him drop all the books and then a great big neardy scream of "myyyyyyyy knnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesss!!!" we were laughing for the rest of the class...
  4. furvien

    A Fur In Afghanistan

    dude i love your stories and as my first post in the new year ill say nice job comin back in one piece and good luck to ye in the future!!!! ps you made my day today so thanks for dat also!!
  5. furvien

    what are your guyses favourite alchohols?

    vodka , jagermeister , rum , whiskey , tequilla and southern comfort
  6. furvien

    Most embarrassing school moment

    one day in school we were in the middle of class when it got announced over the intercom that I had to go to some psycologist for an evaluation and everyone started avoiding me cus they thought i wuz crazy or something that wuz pretty embarassing
  7. furvien

    What is your favorite quote?

    "establish world peace kill everyone" "The IRA were the best shoplifters ever" ~ my uncle (lol)
  8. furvien

    Is furry a thing you are secretive about?

    it is a thing im generally secretive about but however a few close friends know about my association but do not fully understand the fandom (sry bout the condition of this post im quite drunk atm)
  9. furvien

    Weird things that happened in video games

    ES:Oblivion i autosaved in the imperial city and then loaded it an every person was swimming in mid air instead of walking it was really funny looking
  10. furvien


    In my travels of the interwebs I have heard the term used a couple of time but i never knew what it meant, so I tried looking it up and I found nothing. can anyone please help?
  11. furvien

    Fender Question

    you die.........
  12. furvien

    Suggestion box for the vidyagame industry

    freedom fighters 2
  13. furvien

    Favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks?

    alcoholic : pure vodka or jack daniels (all them tropical drinks e.g sex on the beach or coconut kiss taste like shite) non alcoholic : water (nothin fancy 4 me lol)
  14. furvien

    What type of weapon would you have?

    a great big anti-material rifle
  15. furvien

    Your Favourite Videogame Villains

    1.makerov (cod4 mw) 2.liquid ocelot (metal gear solid) 3.sniper wolf (metal gear solid) 4.the End (metal gear solid)
  16. furvien

    Red Dead Redemption

    that is so fucking tru I was out tryen to hunt bears and this cunt just rides up and shoots me for no reason so I sniped him with a rifle I got from some fort earler and then he just constantly went out of his way to try and kill me and I ended up camping in a house with bears running around it...
  17. furvien

    You feeling lucky punk?

    blue waffle ha piece of cake..... (err how do u delete your own posts??) lol I posted for like 20 seconds when I went to edit it again and there are already people quoting it lol....
  18. furvien

    You feeling lucky punk?

    thats it??.....
  19. furvien

    Found this on youtube...

    did he get banned??
  20. furvien

    Hair coloring

    when I first dyed ma hair I dyed it in streaks of like a crison red which I made the mistake of trying to dye back to brown before school (it turned a dark purple) then at the next summer I dyed it a neon purple which just sorta mixed with the origonal dyes and made them lighter then a neon pink...