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  1. pythagrias

    What is your personality type? An experiment.

    Hey all. I want to do a little experiment. I want to figure out what everyone's Myers Briggs personality type is! I want to see if we all have nearly the same personality types. You can take the test here. Post your personality type below! My personality type is INFP-T.
  2. pythagrias

    Hello! After all this time

    After all these years suffering from social anxiety, worrying what other people may think of me. I have finally decided to become myself, express myself in a way that I have been neglecting for years. I am now a member of the furry fandom! I hope to interact more with you all soon! I would...
  3. pythagrias

    Am I a furry?

    I’ve been struggling with this for a while. Creating an account on this forum seemed to be the only way to find out. I have severe social anxiety that prevents me from being myself and showing any interests in public and even at home by myself with no one around. I have suppressed a lot of my...