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  1. hiishougeki


    masocts like this one i made for me http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5410191 drawn in a similer plus fashion(but doesn;t have to have zippers or stiches) leave a comment with details about what plush mascot you want
  2. hiishougeki

    yes again

    doin free crap AGAIN! sorry if you're all tired of it but this time i'm doing somethign specific, in honor of my remembering i had pokemon soul silver(oh and the soon release of white and black) i am doing your choice of pokemon stuffs(even TFs cause i am almost kinda good at those...) so leave...
  3. hiishougeki

    cheap as free art =D

    even though it hasn;t been that long since i gave out free art i am in a good mood and am doing it again =D soo ask away(won;t actualy be doing any of it till tommorow for i need sleep but feel free to post your requests now ps: i don;t draw yaoi and i don;t draw porn(the yaoi cause i dun like...
  4. hiishougeki

    free art, if any one wants it

    ahh this is my first forum post ^^; but yea free art, i need the practice. also i don;t draw yaoi or perverted stuff.