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  1. Falaffel

    What is this place for?

    I've noticed that my son (I guess his name ills Falafel) has been coming here quite often. He won't tell me what it is so I figured I might ask the users themselves. I haven't used a forum before so sorry if this is an inconvenience.
  2. Falaffel

    Wondrous World of Scarves

    We've all seen them. Most have worn them. They keep you warm, warding off the cold. The scarf can also be used for fashion, it can really bring an outfit together, but so few people can pull it off. It would (to me) that the scarf requires the wearer to be of a certain physique. Otherwise it...
  3. Falaffel

    Give me random story ideas cuz bored.

    I'm bored, have no computer, and I'm bored. So naturally I've decided to do something fun. So YOU FaF will decide my story. Plot, character, etc. Give all the ideas. Rediculous or normal. I have no idea how this'll turn up and I can only hope it amounts to something amamazingand if it does it...
  4. Falaffel

    Could anyone please make me a wafflel avatar?

    I don't expect anyone to go out of their way to make a free avatar for me and i was gonna do one myself but i decided i wan't an artist who's looking for work to better them self! all i wan't is a avatar of a falafel-waffle (see avatar for what a real one looks like) super neon purple eyes...
  5. Falaffel

    I need a name for my 'fursona'

    I guess i should start with a bio Name: Age: 3 minutes (no one likes stale falafel) Sex:Male Species: Falafel-waffle Height: 6 inches in diameter Weight: half a pound Appearance: - Colour: brown - Markings: waffle maker burns - Eye color: Neon purple... super neon purple Behavior and...
  6. Falaffel

    Greetings Sires and/or Ma'ams

    After lurking this forum for going on 7 days now i decided to join. I've noticed i have had nothing to do in the past couple of weeks and well... here i am. I have been using the name Falaffel (by the way i know it is spelled falafel) for i guess.. 4 years now? And was amazed that i actually got...