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  1. HeartlessSora


    So! i wanted to make this thread to finally try and get out of my "safe zone" and maybe try and make some new friends. When it comes to socialising, im always scared and anxious of meeting new people cuz i never had the best experiences with other people >.< But finally im here trying to be...
  2. HeartlessSora

    Damaged hair advice

    Hello there friend! Im here to ask some advice because my hair has been bleached alot of times and i dyed it many times (dyed blue) and i see that my ends and some parts are very dry and when i use conditioner when i take a bath, it holds for a bit but then comes back to being pretty dry. Right...
  3. HeartlessSora

    I want some advise on content creation

    Hiya there! thanks for reading in advance but lets get right to the point. So! finally i got my own PC which means i can work on streaming, making videos and even social media, it is my dream to be a content creator and mainly a full time streamer. I have been doing alot of research and at the...
  4. HeartlessSora

    Stream self promotion!

    So! i thought as a young starting streammer , i could create a thread that can help other tiny streammers or big streammer! whenever you are streamming why dont you share it with us so we can help you out! so this way its easier finding people with similar tastes as you! let your link and the...
  5. HeartlessSora

    How do you think its the best way to get involved on the fandom?

    So i decided to creat thread because i have been a furry for almost 2 years i think and i dont feel like im really too involved on the fandom , im mostly clueless around this fandom cuz im a awkward sack of potatoes haha. So! what did you do to get involved more on this fandom? And do you...
  6. HeartlessSora

    Help me with fashion related ideas!

    So! i have decided for a very long time that i loved the emo look , but im not too emo , i think? but anyway! i would like to know more or less what emo usually dress as i see alot of group related clothing and it has proven difficult for me to find more basic or not group related clothes , and...
  7. HeartlessSora

    Want to help and practice?

    So! i have noticed that alot of people have actually been trying to get theyr sona drawn probably because the lack financially , but i have come here to say that im no different , im not trying to get only free art as i would love to pay for the art i want but at the moment its not possible. I...
  8. HeartlessSora

    Is love difficult to find?

    So! here i am creating this thread for seeking help on some advice about love and what it is about and also about my problems that i have with it , meaning how hard i find it for something like love to work out with me. So! im gonna say that i have experiences with love im gonna put it that way...
  9. HeartlessSora

    Lonelly.. depressed.. and lost

    I dont even know how to name this thread but im really desperate and tired of being so dam lonelly... life for me wasnt always easy and i always had a hard time making friends, and i hardly am brave to even go and talk and meet some new ppl online wich before was rly easy.. I suffer from severe...
  10. HeartlessSora

    Heart broken and dont know how to deal with it..

    So! im here actually asking for some advices or for help to how to deal with heart brakes , im rn dealing with one cuz i had a crush on a guy and that guy doesnt feel the same way for me , understandable but yet hard to digest , its been 4 months since i talked with him cuz i chose that way to...
  11. HeartlessSora

    How do you distract your self from depression?

    So im creating this thread to maybe...uhh.. Get some help or some tips how to deal with depression? I have been suffering from severe depression for a rly rly long time and im getting tired of it as it is tiring me emotionally way more then it used to be. Im a very timid and asocial person that...
  12. HeartlessSora

    Poems on my mind <3

    This is a thread that i have created to post some poems i created! I feel like sharing them and maybe help some ppl or be helped by them haha :3 Fair warning! There might be quite alot of typos in some of my poems haha.. Hope you enjoy <3
  13. HeartlessSora

    Wrong thread!

    This is a thread that i have created to post some poems i created! I feel like sharing them and maybe help some ppl or be helped by them haha :3 Fair warning! There might be quite alot of typos in some of my poems haha.. Hope you enjoy <3
  14. HeartlessSora

    Fur Affinity Tips >-<

    So i created an account on FA and idk how to use it properlly , i wanna try and share my arts there and maybe do something else , can someone give some tips? thank you :3
  15. HeartlessSora

    The things that you like the most :3

    I have been wandering for a while now about the things that ppl like in general , i wonder if furries have alot of things in common :3 would you care to tell me what you like the most? (about anything)
  16. HeartlessSora

    Can you Compliment me?

    So heres a challenge , can you compliment me? why i created this *game*? just because i need love! so here goes , lets see who can be the sweetest and get more likes! And if you get a like of me , congrats you made me happy :3
  17. HeartlessSora

    Who do you like the most?

    So i have been wondering who you guys like the most here on faf? maybe because he/she helped you? maybe it was a rly fun and kind person *cough* @Open_Mind *cough* , maybe someone that supported you? or just someone that you have an interest on? I dont know for my self because everyone that i...
  18. HeartlessSora

    Numbers until this thread post explodes!

    So here you just need to proceed the normal order , for example if the user above you posts 9 you need to post 10 and so on and so forth , and i wont start it! lets see who is the number one! :3
  19. HeartlessSora


    So latelly i have suffered a big wave of depression and idk how to deal with it , i want to talk this out with my bffs but its so hard! its weird ... and how do i start the conversation?
  20. HeartlessSora


    So i have recently downloaded telegram but i have no idea how to work with it, if someone has it or know how to work with it pls teach me , and maybe i could add you after i manage to understand the basics (phone version) i would apriciate your help here :3 (i hope that i got this topic on the...