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  1. Keywee612

    LF FxM RP can be Nsfw too

    I looking for RP buddies with my fursona also maybe want a short term long term or maybe find him a mate Name: Edia Age: 23~ Personality: Shy but good heart, lack of empathy, he feel more comfortable on female than male also very sensitive gender: male Species: Cabbit preference: Bi - female...
  2. Keywee612

    Anyone want do a rp with me? ( I'm new of this)

    Im new of of rp have no experience even try other furry they kinda stop or don't have the time. Really do a rp with my fursoan other furry but not good up a story yet, Themes i like the most: Modern Fantasy like Final Fantasy 8 or 13? , minor Sci-fi, Medieval not medieval like skyrim...
  3. Keywee612

    Time Crisis

    I finally chance play time Crisis 5 they have one here, I thought to go Japan to play this game but nope, me my brother big fan Time Crisis series I have best time in my life for two year, i get panic attack and anxiety, yep get sick lot, play that and standing up hurting my leg same Thing go...
  4. Keywee612

    help my fursona ^^;

    still of furry fandom also fursona ^^; still find right color blue furs is aright but the color hair seen kinda off and eye color too also kinda hard to draw this without clothes just full furs body. Name: Edia Tello Species: Cabbit ( more mix more a cat than a bunny/rabbit) Age: look 16 to...
  5. Keywee612

    New of this thing

    Can something tell me what to do now, I'm new of this thing, so help Me what to do and what to show Still planing make introduce comic my Fursons only thing is I don't know how make A comic I can draw but not a comic unless make koma panel vertical style even that don't know how
  6. Keywee612

    Hiya i new here

    Hello there I am new of furry fandom plus what feel like, Main goal to have friend or friend who get me who I am, don’t have friend anymore since got school out, I hope make some friend here, kinda shy not very social and anxiety thst my is puzzles My fursoan is a male, species a cabbit find...