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  1. Monster.

    Contortionist/Flexible per-sketched poses

    Hi all! If you're a big fan of contortionism and flexibility like I am [and not in the sexual way], I have three pre-sketched poses for $5 a pop. Please follow this link to see the poses. As I said, each pose is $5. When you buy, I will customize the pose to that of your fursona, including...
  2. Monster.

    Furries dating furries

    So while looking at a few journals about artists I watch, I have noticed a few people give cutesy shout outs to their significant others and whatever. Fine. Whatever makes them happy. But while looking at a few today, I noticed that in most of them, there is someone who will make a comment about...
  3. Monster.

    "Let's start over"

    When you hear that phrase, do you think you could truly forgive and forget something someone did in the past, just for the sake of repairing a friendship that is either lost or well on its way? Someone I once called my best friend, whom I haven't seen or spoken to in at least a year, approached...
  4. Monster.

    Free Reference sheet!

    Hi all! In the spirit of my Scroogeness for Christmas, I am offering a reference sheet - which will probably be down after the holiday. Logic? Fuck no. THERE'S A CATCH. I will not do any animals that are most common in the fandom. This includes felines, CANIDS, horses [that includes Pegasus and...
  5. Monster.

    New Year's resolutions?

    It's a tad early, but I'm a Scrooge this year because [blah blah family issues are interferring] so I'm pretending Christmas is just another day out of the year. So. New Year's resolutions. Does anyone even make them anymore? Seriously. I mean people around me like to say they have a plan all...
  6. Monster.

    Need a reference sheet? On a low budget?

    Since most reference sheets normally cost $30-$80, depending the artist, I'm willing to do a reference sheet for $20 or less (depending on complexity and how long it can be expected to take me). Most reference sheets take a few days, and assuming your character is on the simpler side, it could...
  7. Monster.

    Colored lineart

    I've been wanting to use colored lines just to change things up because I feel like black lines are too bold and are a bit too flat compared to the rest of the piece. I've seen plenty of artists use black lines for the eyes and colored lines for the rest of the piece. For any and all artists...
  8. Monster.

    Is it annoying when someone changes their fursona species?

    I've been considering spicing up my fursona, a llama, because she's boring as fuck and I hate having a boring fursona. It makes me not want to draw her. I thought slapping horns on her would be more fun, but now that seems stupid. Looking back, Llamas are boring to begin with. All they do is...
  9. Monster.

    Hide gallery from blocked users and vise versa.

    I recently blocked someone on the mainsite because she and I had a bit of a misunderstanding that she blew out of proportion. To avoid unnecessary drama, I blocked her and any alternate accounts she has or has ever made (she tends to make a new one every month for whatever reason). Being that...
  10. Monster.

    My fox, Ozzy

    Thank you for taking the time to read my thread. I was wondering if anyone would care to draw my fox character, Ozzy? I don't have enough art of him; in fact, I've only requested him once. Hence this thread! This is Ozzy. He's a mix between a Platinum fox and a Bat-eared fox. His ears are...
  11. Monster.

    Offering two free, full-colored art pieces!

    As the title says, I'm offering two free, full-colored art pieces (all digital) so that I have something to do for the next two days before my Disneyland vacation. BEFORE YOU POST, here's what I'm looking for: - A colorful, unique character - Something other than a plain black wolf/fox/husky -...
  12. Monster.

    Easter/April icons for $5

    It's April, Spring's here, Easter's on the 24th, so why not be a little festive? I'm selling icons for $5, with an Easter theme, of course! Here's an example I made for myself: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5506511/ If you wanna buy, note or message me.
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    General Etiquette When Buying or Selling Art

    I've been seeing a lot of disputes and complaints of artists or buyers on FA, so I figured I'd do this in hopes of someone seeing it and taking these things in consideration. --- For the seller: Make a Terms of Service: This sounds tedious, but everyone has a right to make one. This is...
  14. Monster.

    For all you "Tomboys"

    (In quotes because some girls don't like the word) I've started to realize that I don't like dressing as boyish as I used to. I've become more careful about doing my hair and getting dressed in outfits that don't clash horribly with each other. I'm more and more interested in buying skirts...
  15. Monster.

    Give or Take?

    Would you rather give someone a gift, money, etc. or would you rather just take all those things and thank that person over and over again as long as you are alive? Are you comfortable enough to do both or are you the kind of person who doesn't like doing either? Personally, I prefer to not...
  16. Monster.

    Smoother inking advice?

    I unfortunately can't get ahold of SAI because I have a shitty mac that can't handle Windows 7 running on it. So how can I make my lineart smoother with Photoshop Elements 6.0? I usually use the hard-edge brush tool to ink, but it's kind of blocky at times so I've been pretty much putting down...
  17. Monster.

    First con: Suit or no suit?

    I'm thinking about going to Califur without a suit (since I don't have time to make one and I have no money to commission one) just to get a feel of how a con runs. Is this a good idea? Or should I just wait until I can afford/make a suit and go to the one next year to have plenty of time to...
  18. Monster.

    Art programs downloadable on Macs?

    I'm stuck with a Mac, unfortunately, and I can't find my Photoshop Elements 6.0 CD to download it. Is there any art programs that I could download? GIMP isn't compatible with Mac, apparently, because it's more of a PC program. Suggestions?
  19. Monster.

    End of the world or just a big shift?

    There's been quite a bit of talk about 2012 at school and here on the forums (well, there's two threads about it, but I disgress) so I'm wondering what you guys think is really going to happen? Personally, I think December 21st, 2012 is going to mark a huge turn of events. I believe there's...
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    What's your theme song?

    I saw that there was a pretty old thread where someone asked what the theme song of your fursona is. I could care less about fursonas; so, FAF, what's your theme song, who's it by, and why is it your theme song? So, my theme song is Strange by Tokio Hotel, featuring Kerli. (Posted a link to it...