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  1. CrystalChimera

    What can I and can not add to my fursuit?

    So, I've been wanting to make a fursuit for a Chimera like character for some time now, but I wanted to know what kinds of things can I add to my fursuit? I can't give a ref of the character since I'm still kinda working on the design, but if it'll help I could maybe list off some things...
  2. CrystalChimera

    Drawing & Writing Commissions!

    Hello! I'm offering drawing and writing commissions! Most of my info and samples can be found here and here, but I'll post some info here as well. Sketches 3/4 Body up: $7 | Full Body: $14 + Character 3/4 Body up: $7 | Full Body: $14 + Background: Simple - $7 | Detailed - $14+ Lineart 3/4...