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  1. Warkry777

    Hiring: Looking to upgrade my fursona's design.

    Good day everyone, As the title suggests, i'm on a quest to update my sona's design. It's been a while since i ordered anything for him, and it's time to give him a more unique touch as his design has been quite bland for the past few years. You can find some basic references on my FA account...
  2. Warkry777

    Hiring: Semi Realistic NSWF Commission (100$-150$)

    Greetings everyone, I recently ordered those two great pictures from an artist here on FA ( www.furaffinity.net: A portrait of the Cat by Wolnir / www.furaffinity.net: Shadow by Wolnir), but unfortunatly i couldn't really get into NSFW territory due to the artist's policy. This is why i'm...
  3. Warkry777

    Looking for muscle specialist artists

    Good Day, I am currently on the look for artists specialised in detailed muscled fur. I'm really wishing for quality art for my fursona, as you can find example on my FA account (Warkry777) from Reclamon, Fasttrack or CursedMarked. I have a budget up to 150$ if the art quality is very good...
  4. Warkry777

    Looking for Muscle skilled artists

    Good day to you all, especially artists :) I am currently looking for artists skilled in drawing muscled furs, to make some new pictures of my fursona. I had already a bad experience with an artist, who gave me example pictures which were not from his hand. As a result, the end picture he made...
  5. Warkry777

    Looking for a NSFW Muscle Fur Artist

    Heyo everyone! I start an other topic and this time i'm looking for an artist drawing muscled fur and NSFW pictures :p If possible i'd like an artist already used to drawing muscled fur, and also examples of already accomplished work. My budget is between 20 to 90-100$ if the artist is really...
  6. Warkry777

    Ponies, Ponies everywhere!

    Good greetings everybody :p AS the title may suggest, i'm actually looking for artists able to draw some MLP:FIM art, safe and unsafe. I've seen some incredible guys on FA and on the internet , but very few of them accept commissions, sooo i'm asking here :p If possible, i'd like the artist who...
  7. Warkry777

    Looking for skilled Muscles artist

    Good greetings to you all :p I'm actually looking for an artist being very well used with drawing muscled fur, with for example the quality of DjDarkfox's art. I'm a real fan of his art but obviously he doesn't take commissions so...i came here to see if there would be people interested :p I...
  8. Warkry777

    LF a skilled artist to improove my Fursona

    Hello everyone :) After months of researchs, i haven't found yet the artist that wuld make beat my heart with my request :) So i'm using the forum and give a call to all the nice artists souls over here! A few months ago, i've ordered a character sheet of my fursona, Neo, to Darkgoose. I'm...