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  1. Atemis

    Whose work helped mold your art?

    So, whose work shaped the drawings/paintings/music/games/whatever you make today? I find that when I draw, I often look at the work of artists I like to see how they handled something I have trouble with. I never direct copy only use it as inspiration, but when the full picture comes together...
  2. Atemis

    Fursona-Atemis WIP

    I felt that I would be more motivated to draw if I developed some sort of character I wished to draw in various poses/situations, so I present my fursona: Name: Atemis Personality: calm or indifferent in most situations, arrogant (yet not competent enough at anything to validate his arrogance,)...
  3. Atemis

    Furry Fiesta

    Any other furs going to Furry Fiesta? I'll be attending with a friend.
  4. Atemis

    Atemis: The Newbie Chronicles

    Posting this thread in the hopes it will motivate me to keep improving. Right now i'm just practicing some of the basics, this weeks goal was to practice animal anatomy. I only did two wolf drawings. :I Hope to make them appear more 3D in the future.
  5. Atemis

    Bad fur day?

    I've never had any formal art class outside elementary school, but I decided to try my hand at anthro art. I watched a couple quick draw videos and read a tutorial. But holy damn, I have no idea how I am supposed to convey a large amount of fur using only a pencil. A look around and it seems...