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  1. rekcerW

    a question about depression in general

    i've heard lots of supposed stories of success where joe-blow magically finds a solution to fighting depression by doing some extraordinary thing. is that real though? i've never fucking felt that. i'm sure it's different for everybody, but to me, depression is just this fucking thing that is...
  2. rekcerW

    Emoticon vs Emoji

    Tell a story (also emoticons ftw) >:C /̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿. ==D :eek::eek::eek: (pretty sure the emoticons have this one in the bag, suckers)
  3. rekcerW

    Exotic foods, are they "bad" or "racist" or are they sharing culture and enjoyable delicacies'?

    it's funny how fucked up the world actually is, and there are actually people wasting their time actually giving a fuck about if it's acceptable to call food 'exotic' or not. that's insane to me. the amount of thought and effort she put into that... WHO FUCKING CARES in the grand scheme of...
  4. rekcerW

    How many furries know what Bitcoin is?

    uh-huh. two words. binance. tether.
  5. rekcerW

    How many furries know what Bitcoin is?

    you didn't -- how old is that fucking signature?
  6. rekcerW

    How many furries know what Bitcoin is?

    maybe in person, but like every other post i've ever read from you has been douchey in some aspect. it's just always douchey. even that was douchey.
  7. rekcerW

    How many furries know what Bitcoin is?

    digressing big-time, i wish i could take what you say at face value rassah, but you've sounded like a douche for years... obviously in some good way that's paid off... no hate, just argh... yeah, bitcoin took off and you were talking about it the whole time, but how can you get through life...
  8. rekcerW

    What are you proud of right now?

    I somehow actually am succeeding in life vs depression. I have a house, a couple of vehicles and a job that pays well. It's crippling, but it is possible to stay on top of with lots of diligence.
  9. rekcerW

    just for awareness

    anyways, so getting back to the original post where some lunatic fuckhead posed to solely murder an entire pack of wolves for publicity, and then bragged about it, that's fine then from your perspective? you're talking about shit that has nothing to do with anything here.
  10. rekcerW

    Things That You Hate v3.0

    fuck that, we don't have to live as long
  11. rekcerW

    just for awareness

    no, anybody can move. it costs literally zero dollars to do it, you pick up and move the fuck somewhere else. yup, that's a whole different topic. there's lots of them, and that boils down to one key point, fucking killing shit to endorse, hang on, what rhetoric? there's too many of them? they...
  12. rekcerW

    How many hours do you work per week?

    12hr days, week on week off.
  13. rekcerW

    Personal finances: The thread

    i had some pretty good savings, but then covid kinda threw a wrench into everything. was out of work for ~4 months. didn't default on my mortgage which is pretty decent, though. gradually working my way back out of the hole. i make pretty decent money, so shouldn't take long if i just don't...
  14. rekcerW

    just for awareness

    then move that's the fucking sentiment all the time, 'they're near me and i dun wanna lose shit all the time.' there's always payments for lost livestock and these fucking clownshoes can't build a fence to save their lives. 'i'm goona tell you something, you gotta know, these animals are...
  15. rekcerW

    just for awareness

    people like this exist; https://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/hunter-s-social-media-posts-prompt-outrage-calls-for-more-protection-for-wolves-1.24281261
  16. rekcerW

    Wolves wolves wolves

    follow John E. Marriott and his Exposed series if you actually care. make your voice known, there's a bunch of SHIT atrocities that are still being committed day to day. we need moar wolves! for the record, the inked huntress is somebody that is worth fucking hating as much as possible, just a...
  17. rekcerW

    Does anyone have advice on moving to Canada?

    yea, sure blows when you get free treatment for terminal diseases. i fkn hate that, the ambulance ride is super bumpy and you're out a few hundred rather than hundreds of thousands and debating whether or not your life is worth trying to keep living and footing bills with no insurance. worst...
  18. rekcerW

    Does anyone have advice on moving to Canada?

    that's because it isn't as fkn cold there. and fuck that, go Canada, I like it here, and I'm glad I'm from here.
  19. rekcerW

    The "strangest" foods you've ever eaten

    idk i like oyster bars, is that a thing?
  20. rekcerW


    The title required caps. Anyways, at least 1 other person here has to be following that show, and FUCK ME did the latest episode ever get me in tears >:C EDIT: HUGE FKN SPOILER JUST SCROLL PAST THIS SHIT IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT Gad dangit that breaks...