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  1. AllTheWrongPieces

    Discount goretober commissions

    All you horror fan furs out there, welcome to my discount pop-up horror shop! I know posting NSFW stuff is a no go here, and I assume gore comes under that umbrella, so I'll link a few SFW pieces instead and a link to the prompt list. :3 ----- Prices for these coms start at: $10 - chibi $15...
  2. AllTheWrongPieces

    New here :3

    Hi! I'm new to the forums, not so new to fa itself ^^ I'm a uk fur, who goes by AllTheWrongPieces, though all also answer to Wrong, Pieces or Flux (the name of my sona.) I've been drawing anthro stuff for a LONG time, but denying my furrydom out of knowing I'll get s**t for it irl. I've...