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  1. Sladin5Ever

    (Commission) Selling: Collaboration Commissions (Starting Price: $20; Updates Monthly)

    Hello, my friend LoboSong and I have special slots open each month, from linearts to full drawings, reference sheets, and comic pages. This post will be updated with new specialty options, so be sure to check back on the 1st of every month for those You can find our commission information with...
  2. Sladin5Ever

    (Base/YCH) Selling: Snarly Canine YCH ($40)

    Multiple slot Snarly Canine YCH with color and shading at a base price of $40 each. Price may go up if the lines need to be altered, but only by about $2-6 Please Note me on FA to order (must provide your paypal email so I can send you an invoice): Userpage of Hitaka5Ever -- Fur Affinity...
  3. Sladin5Ever

    (Commission) Selling: Inker Looking for Work (Minimum price: $10)

    Hello, my name is Rocky Fuller and I am looking to do some inks of your sketches or crude drawings You can find my lineart examples here: Artwork Gallery for Hitaka5Ever -- Fur Affinity [dot] net Prices are as follows: Head and Bust Shots and Character Badges: $10 per head and bust Full Body...
  4. Sladin5Ever

    Furry Face POGs

    For the entire month of July (or what's left of it anyway lol) I am taking commissions where I place your fursona/character's furry face on a POG base. Front views and generally closed mouths only, any species, and must be sfw. For full information on how to order, please go here...
  5. Sladin5Ever

    Paint Tool SAI 2 Stuff

    Made a folder on DeviantART for any tutorial or help guides for using Paint Tool SAI 2. You can find it here: Paint Tool SAI 2 Stuff by Hitaka5Ever on DeviantArt If you would like help with anything else regarding the program, let me know! I might not be able to answer all inquiries, but ask...
  6. Sladin5Ever

    Canine Only YCH (starts @ $15)

    I have 3 slots open for a canine YCH. You can find all the information you need here: www.furaffinity.net: Canine YCH by Hitaka5Ever
  7. Sladin5Ever

    Colored Sketch Commissions (2 slots)

    My friend and I would like to take on TWO colored sketches since they're quick and easy. Please view this stash link for an info card (it will say DM me for Twitter, but just Note me on FA (Hitaka5Ever) or DA instead if you don't have a Twitter) and examples; thanks: sta.sh/2d2hgdc6o8i PS...
  8. Sladin5Ever

    Furry Collab Commissions

    LoboSong and I are open for collaboration commissions, sfw animals only, both feral, anthro, and certain fan arts accepted. You can find all of our information in one location here: www.furaffinity.net: LoboSong+Hitaka5Ever's Collaboration Commissions by Sladin5Ever Pricing starts at $14 with...
  9. Sladin5Ever

    Kingdom Hearts Remixes PS4 (Poll)

    I plan to buy the Kingdom Hearts Remixes at the end of March for PS4 (previously for PS3) and will be playing the games in storyline order starting in April. Which means Birth By Sleep will be the first one I play, but I can't decide who to play as first. So I'm letting voters decide for me! So...
  10. Sladin5Ever

    (CLOSED) Irish Setter Drawing for Christmas ($30 budget)

    *EDIT* @iridescentgreen @alekivz @galaxy-meow @solaris91 @SeaGecko @AlienTiamat @Serena Elric @SomeDumbFluff I want to thank ALL of you for sharing your information with me! You are all amazing artists and one day I'd love to commission those I decided not to buy from in the future :) That...
  11. Sladin5Ever

    Wolf Bustshot YCH

    I made a practice sketch the other night that I think I did a good job on, so I made it into a YCH. For full information, please visit this link, which includes the pricing (starting price @ $25): www.furaffinity.net: Wolf YCH by Sladin5Ever PLEASE REPLY TO AN OPEN SLOT ON THE SUBMISSION IF YOU...
  12. Sladin5Ever

    Penciler/Sketcher Needing a Digital Inker?

    Hello, I have become a self-proclaimed inker (lineart artist) recently and am looking to be hired to ink artists' pencils/sketches for a small fee (starting price @ $10) For more information, please visit this thread: http://forum.deviantart.com/jobs/services/2233496/ If you have questions or...
  13. Sladin5Ever

    Trading Cards

    My friend and I came up with the idea for trading cards, like Topps sports and Pokemon/Yugioh/etc cards. Here's what they'd look like, in both basic and attack cards: Pricing: Depending on type of art you want (colored sketch, flats, flats+shading, full drawing) prices will vary: Be advised...
  14. Sladin5Ever

    Pride Pups/Animals For Sale--10 slots

    Pride Pup collab commissions with LoboSong are OPEN. Any species, any sexuality/gender, no shading, $24 total ($12 per artist) 10 slots for the moment (might increase depending on popularity) Message must include: Character Reference Sheet or a VERY detailed description with the preferred...
  15. Sladin5Ever

    Considering making (sellable) comic with a friend

    My friend LoboSong and I are considering making a future comic that we'd sell (but can still be viewed online) but we'd want to make something good and would hold better interest for not just furries, but comic lovers in general. So if you can help us out, please vote in the poll. Thanks : )...
  16. Sladin5Ever

    Recent Commissions

    Thread for recently finished collaboration commissions with LoboSong and myself on FA/DA/FN Old Commission; December 2015:
  17. Sladin5Ever

    10 Colored Sketches

    To make a quick buck, my friend and I are open for 10 colored sketches. $10 for head/bust shots, $16 for full body, and reference sheet (1 pose and 3 headshots) for $24 (final price is to be cut in half, NOT doubled) Here's examples If you'd like a reference sheet version, here's examples of...
  18. Sladin5Ever

    Of Plights and Honor

    Of Plights and Honor is a collaboration, feral wolf comic between FA/DA/Tumblr users LoboSong and Sladin5Ever. We started working on this free project February 2014. We started posting the first page on January 18th, 2016. Here you will find 1 page per post, but you can go to our FA comic...