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  1. KippLink

    Is there a app that makes sewing patterns from 3D models?

    Hello everyone! I was always interested in crafts and the idea of making my own custom plushies and also costumes but the whole process of learning each unique design meant its own different sewing pattern. While i learned how to make simple designs i could never get past that barrier of making...
  2. KippLink

    Where do people look up for remote moderator or admin jobs?

    Howdy everyone! For years now i have been wondering how the remote workers operate and where do they locate these positions like mod/admin. Sadly i do not have that many friends that know much about these type of jobs but i was informed immediately that the common website we use here in UK...
  3. KippLink

    A place for subcultures meet and connect?

    Howdy all! I was always curious if there was a website or some online social corner for people who live alternative lifestyles like anime fans, cosplay, even metalheads and just your average geeks to connect and meet up with others like minded people. If myspace had some success considering not...
  4. KippLink

    Is GTX 970M capable of running modern games on low med settings?

    Howdy! I just got a good offer on a laptop from a friend and it has gtx 970m 3gb version. I have a very vague knowledge of mobile hardware but i can imagine that the mobile version gtx 970m will be much weaker than the desktop gtx 970.
  5. KippLink

    Random 503 errors

    Hello folks! Any ideas whats going on where the website just stop working at random times shooting out 503 errors and than coming back again? Kinda happens in brief moments where it stops working for a few minutes but later goes back to normal.
  6. KippLink

    Do you prefer laptops, tablets, phones and other portables or desktops?

    I am kinda curious on this topic as ever since we stepped in to the age of mobile tech the desktop has been slowly vanishing. Yet it is still pretty much an unbeatable choice if you have a need for a powerful system and plan to perform upgrades which is a bit more tricky on mobile tech. However...
  7. KippLink

    Is teen R18 content permitted?

    Hi everyone! Just to clarify are teen characters that are in R18 artwork permitted on this website? As i am a big fan of the whole MMORPG and fantasy that i produce fan art which in times is R18, it is often that RPG characters in games can be quite small in size and i am struggling to bring...
  8. KippLink

    Is it possible to have two accounts with same email?

    Hi everyone! Just curious is it possible to have two different accounts with the same registered email address? I wanted to have one account where i would post content for general audience and another one that would be for R18 works. But not sure if you need two different email addresses to have...
  9. KippLink

    Wacom mobile studio 16?

    Hi everyone! So i have been looking at this all in one Wacom tablet for quite some time and on it's initial release i just couldn't afford it in any way but prices are slowly starting to come down and i have been debating over saving for this nifty tablet. I have read quite a lot of good reviews...
  10. KippLink

    Long distance realtionships

    Howdy! As we currently live in a world of uncertainty and constant restrictions on travel, visits, house mixings, going out etc... These are very interesting times we have and i have been thinking about trying some online date adventure. The only problem is that on very often basis you just...
  11. KippLink

    Upgrading old I7 CPU?

    Heya fellow tech wizards! I have a relic of a gaming laptop that I decided to keep and not upgrade simply because it still works fine, kinda? It uses Intel's first gen I series processor 820QM now despite it working fine I was given a 920XM from a broken Alienware M15X. I would really like to...
  12. KippLink

    Whats your perfect environment?

    Out of curiosity what sort of surroundings do you find most comforting to your nature and why? Im really interested to discover what kind of folks are we )))
  13. KippLink

    All in one VR?

    So as a person that never owned any VR headset myself i was wondering how much of an actual "VR" environment do you experience? Some people i asked told me its pretty good but not quite there yet. I have been mainly interested in web surfing in VR and seen this nifty headset called Oculus Quest...
  14. KippLink


    Hi everyone! Been here over a month and didn't know this website even has forums :3 Anywayz, im a beginner artist that have always been inspired by what others draw/create and during these lockdowns i decided to pick up the pencil and try to make up something myself. I still have a lot to learn...