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  1. rekcerW

    a question about depression in general

    i've heard lots of supposed stories of success where joe-blow magically finds a solution to fighting depression by doing some extraordinary thing. is that real though? i've never fucking felt that. i'm sure it's different for everybody, but to me, depression is just this fucking thing that is...
  2. rekcerW

    Emoticon vs Emoji

    Tell a story (also emoticons ftw) >:C /̵͇̿̿/'̿'̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿. ==D :eek::eek::eek: (pretty sure the emoticons have this one in the bag, suckers)
  3. rekcerW

    just for awareness

    people like this exist; https://www.timescolonist.com/news/local/hunter-s-social-media-posts-prompt-outrage-calls-for-more-protection-for-wolves-1.24281261
  4. rekcerW


    The title required caps. Anyways, at least 1 other person here has to be following that show, and FUCK ME did the latest episode ever get me in tears >:C EDIT: HUGE FKN SPOILER JUST SCROLL PAST THIS SHIT IF YOU HAVENT SEEN IT Gad dangit that breaks...
  5. rekcerW


    Where's the farthest anyone's been away from home, any interesting stories? Personally, I've never left Canada. I've been to both provinces mine shares its border with, and that's it. I'm a homebody through and through, but I do plan on travelling at some point in my life (maybe after I...
  6. rekcerW

    Shows you wish were cancelled/networks that you hate

    I'm goona go with every bullshit 'survival' series on History. And History itself. On top of that, every junk fucking reality show that has ever existed since the dawn of time, fuck every single one of them. On a side note, what the fuck happened to History? I remember watching that shit just...
  7. rekcerW

    Rants & Raves

    Why is that subforum not a thing anymore? Easy question.
  8. rekcerW


    For so long, I've wanted to shelf my shitty Epiphone and own a real Gibson, and then I got really drunk and ordered one. It's like the only thing I've drunk-ordered and been happy about the next day lol. Thing is, I play left-handed, and like fuck if I could find a Gibson Les Paul at a...
  9. rekcerW

    Networked Printers

    Fuck me I hate them, especially when they're responding on WiFi. That's like the #1 thing any friend or family member expects me to help them with is that their printer is suddenly offline, and it's amazing how many fucking reasons they can pick for it. I LUCKED THE FUCK OUT. I picked up a...
  10. rekcerW

    Black Sails

    Motherfucker I'm sold. Absolute, by far, new favourite show bar-none. I really, really, really wish there were more than 4 seasons. That shit captivated me, I love it. Anyways, if you haven't seen it, somebody made a kickass tribute video to check it out, I fucking LOVE that show. Also it...
  11. rekcerW

    Drinking and questions

    This is a stupid place to ask, for sure, but it is a large community, and maybe somebody else has insight into the topic. I cannot feel free to be myself without alcohol, and that's been a thing since I can remember. I don't want this to be a huge post about shit, so I'm going to jump to the...
  12. rekcerW

    Who's got servers?

    And what are they? I have 2 R710s from eBay that are still kicking, suffered a few drive failures and now a fan failure, but they're still kicking and hella fun to mess around with. Not to mention eBay replacement components are super cheap. Can only run one at a time now because holy sweet...
  13. rekcerW

    You die tomorrow, what song's playing at your funeral?

    Maybe a little dark, sure, but fuck it. I fucking love Dispatch, so for sure
  14. rekcerW

    Introverts and Covid-19?

    Not trying to minimalize the severity of what is happening in the world right now, but in terms of the measures involved with working for the greater good of everybody here, are there more adept people than us FUCKING INTROVERTS? HUH? Don't leave your house unless you have to? Check. Avoid...
  15. rekcerW


    YES! Anyone else fkn rocking these mofo's out? I'm nerding out hardcore.
  16. rekcerW

    An 'authorized service technician'

    Man, fuck me. So, new house -- sweet -- super supposedly kickass tankless hot water heater continually kicks out and starts flashing errors all the time instead of making hot water -- not sweet. Pull the cover, reset it, definite flames going on in sight glass... and it just starts working...
  17. rekcerW

    Well there it is

    Fuck me, I could not for the life of me figure out what it was that stirred this shit all the time. I could not figure out what it is every fucking year that drives me into this state of mind, but I just had some sort of realization. It makes sense. All of a sudden, I thought back year after...
  18. rekcerW

    Furry discords and shiz

    I hate them. I'm a big-time fan of regular old forums, and I've seen several formerly active forums disintegrate into "CHEKC OUT OUR FKN DISCORD/OTHER LIVE CHAT SHIT THAT I CAN'T REMEMBER RIGHT NOW." It's fucking insanity in those shitty chats, the conversation changes at the drop of a hat...
  19. rekcerW

    buying a fkn house

    son of a diddly, i'm freaking stoked. somehow, i just went about my life thinking i'd just pay rent forever, then i was like fuck this i gotta see what's up. checked my credit rating, holy-o-fuck i did not expect it to be what it was; a bunch of overtime at work popped up which i took and burnt...
  20. rekcerW

    Zeal and Ardor

    Fuck me running, I just haven't heard a band like them yet. I'm fkn hooked.