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  1. dunspork

    (Commission) Selling: Icons for $5!

    Hi! I'm selling discounted icons for $5 (normally they're about $7 but I plan to revamp my pricing sheet within the month). These icons can be used for any website, and I am able to give a smaller and a larger resolution picture (I draw them 1000x1000 px but I can shrink them to 100x100 to use...
  2. dunspork

    Sketchbook: new art

    I'm going to use this thread to upload new art that I've made recently, digital and traditional. First, today, here are some drawings I did: New profile icon! It's my fursona, Chris! A finished headshot commission for Joda Coyote on furry amino! Any updates will be in the comments. Thanks...
  3. dunspork

    Bunch of WIPS!

    Here are a bunch of traditional WIPs that I've been doing today, they're all linearts that I plan to color with copics tomorrow!! There were more but it won't upload so here's this for now!! :P
  4. dunspork

    new to the community !

    Hi everyone! I'm Chris, I'm newer to the community (I've had a fursona for about 8 years but I wasn't really into the real furry community) and I made this account recently, so I thought I'd make an introductory post so that I figure out how to get into the community. As stated before, I'm...
  5. dunspork

    all of my recent work!

    this is my first time posting on this forum so please be gentle haha you can find me on furaffinity here! but in the meantime im trying to get more into the community! heres most of my recent art (i havent been drawing anthro stuff recently rip) this is jemma! she's a werewolf and i drew this...
  6. dunspork

    2019 commissions open!

    Hi! I'm Chris, or Dunspork. Here are my prices. Rules: I will draw: furries (feral/anthro), ponies, fanart, gore, slight nsfw I will not draw: graphic sexual content, hate art, fetish art I have the right to say no to any commission, but you can always ask if you aren't sure. i only accept USD...