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  1. Chups

    Awwww!! That's so cute!!

    So cute !!
  2. Chups


  3. Chups

    Support? Friends?

    Hey Alex ! I don't have a lot of friends on this fandom too, i'm currently creating my future fursuna thanks to a wonderful member of this forum ! I'm sure that we can become good friends !
  4. Chups

    First day of furry??

    Hey welcome to the forums (:
  5. Chups

    Looking for friends in the fandom.

    Hey ! Welcome to the forums (: Hope you will have a great time here !
  6. Chups

    Hello, I'm new to the fandom and how I found the fandom!

    Hey ! Welcome to the forums ! I hope you will have a great time here (:
  7. Chups

    Hello! (Newbie in the house)

    Hey ! Welcome to the forums (:
  8. Chups

    Woof woof what up

    Welcome to the forums ! Well i'm more of a dog person and i have a cat picture haha
  9. Chups

    What's your recent musical discovery?

    I knew electro swing but not this one ! This one is really great and the animation is incredible
  10. Chups

    What's the deal with Zootopia and the furry fandom?

    Hahaha you're right !!
  11. Chups

    What's the deal with Zootopia and the furry fandom?

    Zootopia is terrific ! Disney did a really good work with this one :) Plus, it will have a sequel !
  12. Chups


    Welcome to the forums !!
  13. Chups

    Some say the fandom is chidlish

    Really well said. It's the same thing that happens to animation movies lately.
  14. Chups

    Just a curious human

    Hey ! Welcome to the forums (: What kind of games are you playing at ??
  15. Chups


    I can understand why you say that but this is definitely not the same thing :p
  16. Chups


    This is not Dreamworks but Illumination Studio (:
  17. Chups


    I've just watched it in streaming (because this is the only way i can watch a theater movie in English). And i really liked it, even if that was a poor quality ! You should watch it, it is worth seeing (: And i had good laugh too !
  18. Chups

    What a Lovely Day!

    Welcome to the forums ! Hope you will have fun here ;)
  19. Chups

    The dumbest thing you've ever said on the Internet?

    Once i gave my MSN password. I was young, but it still haunts me sometimes haha Bad memories :p
  20. Chups

    Bonjour !! :D

    Bonjour !! :D