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  1. AJ Woofless

    Free Art: Looking for Partner

    Sorry bud, slot got taken ^-^'
  2. AJ Woofless

    Free Art: Looking for Partner

    Yeah @ConorHyena Got it ^-^
  3. AJ Woofless

    Free Art: Looking for Partner

    TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN It's a military style art and looking for something that is interested in the theme. Just looking for someone that has a loadout and a weapon they prefer or something along those lines to help me doing this. I've got myself sorted and just...
  4. AJ Woofless

    Sketchbook: Gazelle Packin

    Just a fun little work idea I had when I saw _Jeanwoof do an art featuring Maid Marian from Disney's robin hood and I wanted to take a Disney character and give it a gun because I wanted to. I like Jeanwoof's work and was sad I missed out on the ych but it happens, will just wait till next time...
  5. AJ Woofless

    Hiring: searching for 2 commissions (one SFW one NSFW) (budget up to 100$ CAD)

    PM if u interested in anything, list is empty. I can show some examples if u want to PM me.
  6. AJ Woofless

    Works in Progress!

    Gazelle is packin.
  7. AJ Woofless

    Sketchbook: Finished Commissions for BigJazz

    Had fun doing this. Not had a commission in a while so it was nice doing work for someone. You can view bigger here ----> www.furaffinity.net: [CM]Icon for BigJazz by Torrent_Shark PM about comms, no info here.
  8. AJ Woofless

    Half of an art trade I did.

    This is for a friend named Hexa who I met on a discord group. Nice guy. For Bigger View, Click Here ----> www.furaffinity.net: Art Trade - Hexa [My Half to Him] by Torrent_Shark
  9. AJ Woofless

    (Commission) Selling: >> Commissions Open << {Ranges from $10-$90}

    >> Commissions now open with a more extensive price sheet << >> Prices range from $10 -> $90 << >> Bigger Verions -> www.furaffinity.net: >> Commissions Open << by Torrent_Shark << >> PM me if you have any questions regarding the commissions and/or interested << >> I can explain anything...
  10. AJ Woofless

    (Commission) Selling: Aim and Fire Commissions ($10 - $42) + Icons Open ($10 - $20)

    PM me if you are interested and/or have questions. Custom/Game Weapons not accepted (friends only). Paypal Only Most Recent:
  11. AJ Woofless

    (Commission) Selling: Aim and Fire commissions

    Half body with Lineart Only - $10 - (Full Body - +$5) Half body with Lineart and Flat Colour - $15 - (Full Body - +$5) Half body Lineart with Colour and shading - $20 - (Full Body - +$10) Half Body Full Detail - $30 - (Full Body - +$10) Handgun + $5 Assault Rifle + $7 Bolt Action Rifles + $7...