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  1. Dakinu

    LF-RP With Clones, Drones, and Bots With Many Thoughts On Transformation (SFW/NSFW)

    I'm up for a lot of general story based stuff, but I've been looking for a few (weird/mature?) scenarios in particular. A robot dragon making Dak his kobold-bot A rubber skunk making Dak his drone servant A handsome lion making Dak part of his cloned pride General mind control and...
  2. Dakinu

    Hiring: [CLOSED] $50-$100 - "Wider" Character Design Commission

    I'd like to set up a commission with someone who has experience with drawing 'bigger' dudes. Not necessarily fat or musclebound, but more meat on the bones than most of the examples on here. At any rate, if anyone is willing to work with me on designing a new character's appearance (and is ok...
  3. Dakinu

    Mustache muzzles make you look old?

    So I'm thinking about getting some art done of a new character, and I like the look that muzzle-fur gives some characters. But does that make them 'Dad-like' or mature looking automatically or what? Something kinda like this: www.furaffinity.net: Comfortable Silence by AureliansWalls I like the...
  4. Dakinu

    Rat TF to "Skunk-tember" Participant [Closed]

    Hello! As some of you may know, there's sort of a 'Skunk-tember' thing going on right now. It involves drawing art of skunk characters or your characters AS skunks, from what I understand. I'd like to play along as well. To get to the point, I'd like to commission art of my rat character...
  5. Dakinu

    Investi-Gator: The cutest of crime solvers

    weneedbees.itch.io: Investi-Gator 2 by We Need Bees I'm kind of shocked that my search for this game on this forum turned up empty. [Talking animals, dude; I thought that was this sites thing!] I know it's a pretty small game, but it's funny for sure and I like it. Check it out if you need to...
  6. Dakinu

    Redoing Unfinished Megaman X Fan Art (CLOSED)

    I'd like for this image to be redone with a cleaner, sharper, and generally 'better' look. As you can see, it's a maverick/reploid in the megaman X style. I'd love to see it in a better form (and with a grey tail) as the previous artist did not commit to finishing it. I have $20 for a full...
  7. Dakinu

    Free (to use) Fursona Folder?

    I've noticed on role play sites that people like using other people's artwork for their own characters without permission. As annoying as this action is, I propose an alternative: a gallery of free to use artwork for role play and reference purposes. This "Free Fursona Folder" (working title)...
  8. Dakinu

    (CLOSED) Looking for Biker Rat Reference Pic for ~$40

    I got a reference for my rat character a good while back, and it's served me well, but I for some reason decided to make his biker outfit grey instead of black. I was hoping to get someone to fix the color, and maybe make some other tweaks too. Does anyone think they can help? The original (and...