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  1. Heyhoi

    How to keep fetish art separated from regular stuff

    So recently I've had the idea to create a variety of writings and comics about a group of OCs I'm creating. However, I kind of ended up falling in love with one of the main characters and have been using him in fetish rps. This is a problem because the comic is designed to be very SFW and is...
  2. Heyhoi

    SFW fat fur/ stuffing/inflation rp

    I'm looking for someone willing to fatten my male character up! PM me if interested! Looking to rp on discord, but FA dms is ok too!
  3. Heyhoi

    Looking for paw related rp. SFW

    Looking for paw rp! SFW please. Semi-lit(2 sentences to 2 paragraphs) I don't have anything specific in mind but tickles, massages, licking, food play or stepping in sticky substances are all ideal. I'm not really looking for romance. My sona is male, but very shy and submissive so he'd rather...
  4. Heyhoi

    Is this art good enough to sell?

    I'm wondering if my art is good enough for commissions?
  5. Heyhoi

    Anyone up for a SFW fatfur/stuffing rp?

    I'm willing to RP here or on Discord. Looking for someone to do the feeding. I'll rp as a male, orange tabby cat named Buddy. No romance.
  6. Heyhoi

    Anyone up for a SFW ABDL RP?

    Does anyone want to rp with a male chubby orange maine-coon cat? I would prefer to RP through DM's. Like I said SFW, please.
  7. Heyhoi

    Is there such a thing as SFW albd rps?

    Title says all. I'd be somewhat interested but I don't really trust people to keep things cute and clean tbh. Has anyone ever done a non NSFW one before? Or is such a thing impossible considering the nature of the fetish? Edit just realised the typo in the title. I mean abdl.
  8. Heyhoi

    Anybody want to do an Incredibles Rp? (PLEASE)

    Ok, This isn't a furry rp, but I don't know where else to ask at this point. Heck, if you want to do furry versions of the characters, that's fine by me. I'll get straight to the point, I really, REALLY wanted to do an AU where Syndrome is good. I really want to rp as him so badly! I've been...
  9. Heyhoi

    Send me 3-4 emojis and I'll make a fursona!

    Looking to experiment with designs for a bit. Send me one animal emoji and two other random emojis. I will probably sell most of the characters that I make as adoptables. However, if you like the result of the emojis you sent, you can get yours for a discounted price. ($5 usd!) Obviously, I...
  10. Heyhoi

    What would you sell/buy this for?

    I'm trying to sell some adoptables, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to price them, and how to get people to buy them. What would you pay or charge for these adoptables? Is there anything I could do to make them more appealing? Would you buy something like this? Kittydog Adopts -...
  11. Heyhoi

    Anybody want to RP with an Andriod Hyena?

    Looking for a mostly SFW rp. (some violence) I was hoping for a horror rp, but anything other than romance will do! My hyena is cute, but also somewhat mentally unhinged too. Anyone up for dealing with an out of control robot furry? Dm me! My OC: sta.sh: Tom the Hyena - Refernce Sheet
  12. Heyhoi

    Request: Looking for someone to do requests/art trade

    Hi! I'm looking for someone who is willing to draw hyenas, raccoons or arctic foxes. Preferably looking for cute SFW art. Please DM if interested.
  13. Heyhoi

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Kittydog Adopts - Apples! OPEN $8 USD

    Each of them are $8 USD! I worked really hard on these, so I hope you like them! Link to the sale in FA here: www.furaffinity.net: Kittydog Adopts - Apples! OPEN by Heyhoi
  14. Heyhoi

    Are my commissions good enough for what I'm charging?

    I know that you are supposed to price based on how long it takes and how much effort is put into it, but I'm just doing these to earn a little extra cash and have fun. I'm not trying to live off of my art. With that in mind, are my commissions worth what I'm charging? Are they good enough to...
  15. Heyhoi

    Is my digital art good enough for selling adoptables?

    I'm kinda unsure if no one is buying my adoptables because of lack of interest, or if my art isn't attractive enough to catch people attention. Is my art good enough to sell character designs or should I stick to traditional art? Are they worth about 10 -15 USD? (quality wise) Examples:
  16. Heyhoi

    Send me 3-4 emojis and I'll make you a fursona! ($5 usd)

    Just send me 3-4 emojis and I make you a custom fursona. Each custom is $5 USD I can do more than one at a time as well! Rules: Send one animal emoji(or just tell me what animal you want if there isn't an emoji for it) and 2-3 random emojis of your choosing. (If you don't care what animal...
  17. Heyhoi

    (Adopt/Character) Selling: Eco Zones - Beagle Adopt OPEN $15

    The cute beagle is up for sale! She may be feral in the reference, but you can use her as an Anthro character as well! Please check her out! I'm trying to start my Adoptable business! www.furaffinity.net: Eco Zones - Beagle Adopt OPEN by Heyhoi Please feel free to give critiques as to how I...
  18. Heyhoi

    Anybody want to RP with an Andriod Hyena?

    I can RP through Discord or FA DMs if you wish. SFW ONLY, I will immediately discontinue RP with you if it heads in an NSFW direction and will block you, so be warned.
  19. Heyhoi


    New person here just trying to show off some of my work. Won't be very talkative probs, idk