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  1. orcaowl

    Free Art: [orcaowl's requests] [CLOSED]

    [CLOSED, THANK YOU!] i will draw something for you... i like doing small requests as warm-ups and wind-down doodles i prefer drawing ferals but i will draw anthros too [no humans] i won't be able to get to everyone, and i may jump around or stop taking requests at any time [feel free to...
  2. orcaowl

    (Commission) Selling: Maw/Vore Commissions! ($65)

    Hey! I'm open for Maw commissions / Vore related commissions with the Maw bust costing $65! Please note me on my main FA if you'd like one >> Userpage of orcaowl -- Fur Affinity [dot] net You can find more examples on my 2nd FA! >> Userpage of whalebird -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
  3. orcaowl

    (Commission) Selling: Speedpaint + Maw Commissions [$45+]

    [$45+] Also open for speedpaint commissions! Note me on FA if you'd like one! All species (except humans) are good! Userpage of orcaowl -- Fur Affinity [dot] net (Maw commissions are closed right now)
  4. orcaowl


    Note me on my furaffinity or send me a DM on twitter if you'd like one!! Fast turn-around! Pick a theme! Your character can be turned into a ghost, werewolf, vampire, frankenstein, mummy, witch, etc!
  5. orcaowl

    "Good" Free Art by Orca Owl

    Hey, I'm doing requests, these will be somewhere between a 30 second doodle and a renaissance painting... (favoring the 30 second doodle option) What I need from you: 1) reference image 2) your favorite animated movie / show 3) what kinds of things does your characters like? (objects, hobbies)...
  6. orcaowl

    Art by OrcaOwl

    Hey guys, I'm feel kind of shitty today so I wanted to do some requests between commissions. They'll be more experimental so they might not look like my usual art, but hey, it's free! I have a preference for feral characters, but I'll do anthros maybe... I'll do 1-3 of these My art: Userpage of...
  7. orcaowl

    Requests by OrcaOwl

    I want to do a couple of experimental arts... I'd prefer feral characters! I'll take 3 requests, which I'll draw in whatever style I want. Please post a reference of your character + a couple words about their personality / the places they like to go. My FA gallery: Userpage of orcaowl -- Fur...
  8. orcaowl

    $15 Cute Mini Commissions!

    Hello! I am open for mini commissions, $15 each for any character, anthro or feral!! Turn around time is fast! Please send me a note on my FA if you're interested: Userpage of orcaowl -- Fur Affinity [dot] net I am open for more kinds of commissions, too, check em out here: www.furaffinity.net...
  9. orcaowl

    Open for Awesome Digital Commissions!!

    Hey guys, I am open for commissions! Please check out my prices below and feel free to look through my gallery on Furaffinity too: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/orcaowl/ Please do send me a note on furaffinity if you're interested! I can draw any species, anthro or feral and I work quickly too!!
  10. orcaowl

    Open for Commissions! Get awesome art by OrcaOwl!

    Hello, I am open for commissions! Please check out my FA for more examples + note me there if you're interested! Thank you !! http://www.furaffinity.net/user/orcaowl/
  11. orcaowl

    $10 Mini Commissions !!!

    Hey, I am open for Mini Commissions for $10 each! All creatures, feral or anthro are acceptable! Turn-around time is really quick, done within a few days. Please send me a note on my FA if you're interested with your reference! Examples Below!
  12. orcaowl

    $50 FULL BODY PAINTINGS by OrcaOwl

    Please send me a note on my FA if you are interested! Link here: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/orcaowl/
  13. orcaowl


    Hey, I am open for Badge commissions and Mini commissions! I can draw any kind of animal, anthro, or creature! I take Paypal, and turn-around time is within 1-3 weeks (often sooner!) Please note me at my FA if you are interested! LINK HERE Badges - $45 Each If you would like them printed...
  14. orcaowl

    Requests by OrcaOwl

    Hey, I've been messing around with the iPad app Procreate lately and would like some more practice! I am open for requests, I'll take 3+, depending on how I'm feeling. Here's what my art looks like: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/orcaowl/ Here's an example of a doodle I just finished in...
  15. orcaowl

    Requests by orcaowl

    I am no longer open for these. Thank you! ---- I'll take a few to warm-up for other arts Check out my furaffinity too Please post a visual reference below. I prefer ferals, monsters, or interesting/unusual anthros! I'll do as many as I feel like doing, that could be one or more!! We'll see (:
  16. orcaowl

    FA Ad never posted

    EDIT: Nevermind, it's been resolved. Thank you Dragoneer!
  17. orcaowl

    Taking some requests because I have forgotten how to draw

    I've been trying to draw all day long and I haven't been able to make anything look good so I'm taking some requests to hopefully remind me how to draw!! This is my usual art: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/orcaowl/ These requests will be doodle-ish things Please ferals only (I can turn your...
  18. orcaowl

    ~ Stunning Professional-Quality Commissions by OrcaOwl ~

    Hey, I'm currently open for commissions! I am comfortable drawing any kind of animal/creature in either feral or anthro form. I have many years of experience doing commissions and always produce above-and-beyond results. I can work with a deadline if one is necessary, but otherwise...
  19. orcaowl

    What Would You Buy at a Furry Convention?

    I'm considering have a table at my local furry convention, Califur and I have never sold at a furry convention before so I have no idea what others would be interested in! As of right now, I have a stock of various buttons that I've created for anime conventions in the past that include things...
  20. orcaowl

    Full Digital Paintings, Starting at $15!

    Hi! I'm offering a slot for a digital full body painting of a character (: Here are some examples of what they look like: You can see the full-sized images at my deviantART: x | x | x The prices for feral characters like these are $15-30, depending on how much detail you'd like and...