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  1. Bunnyonthefence

    Nikki is *Open* for commissions

    I'm back and im taking commissions again ~ Here is my *commission info* I mostly do NSFW so be warned! Examples of my work in my new account Examples of my work in my old account I charge per pic, not per character. I only charge extra if you dessire a special background. If you are...
  2. Bunnyonthefence

    Nikki tries to help /Help thread/

    So Im here to offer all the furs who needs to get something out of it chest, need a friendly opinion or just want to share a thought. If you wanna do it anonymous, send me a note c: all will be keep in secret The idea is to give comfort to those who need it so don't be afraid, I won't judge c:
  3. Bunnyonthefence

    Looking for casual RP

    Hey, I'm looking for a group to roleplay, casual rp, people must be up to nsfw & sfw. Scenery and stories to be decided. It will be a group on telegram. All styles and characters are welcomed! (Looking for about 4 people or less)
  4. Bunnyonthefence

    Pokemon TCG

    Hey! i started playing Pokemon TCG not so long ago and i was wondering if there are furs who play aswell! (Pokemon TCG or TCGO) ´ω`
  5. Bunnyonthefence

    Taking art trades ~

    Hey, im looking to get some art of my oc Sully, im looking for a trade, depending on what you do, i do something similar (example: if you do an sketch, so do i) I accept Nsfw & Swf 0:
  6. Bunnyonthefence

    Artist Available for projects and/or commissions

    Hello! My name is Nichole and i'm an artist for fun *Saitama face here plz* Lately i've seen many people post job offers for all sort of really cool jobs, and since i'm in the mood to join a project i'm offering my services ´ω` I can do sketches, comics, storyboards and ilustrations. I'm also...