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  1. AJ Woofless

    Free Art: Looking for Partner

    TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN TAKEN It's a military style art and looking for something that is interested in the theme. Just looking for someone that has a loadout and a weapon they prefer or something along those lines to help me doing this. I've got myself sorted and just...
  2. AJ Woofless

    Sketchbook: Gazelle Packin

    Just a fun little work idea I had when I saw _Jeanwoof do an art featuring Maid Marian from Disney's robin hood and I wanted to take a Disney character and give it a gun because I wanted to. I like Jeanwoof's work and was sad I missed out on the ych but it happens, will just wait till next time...
  3. AJ Woofless

    Sketchbook: Finished Commissions for BigJazz

    Had fun doing this. Not had a commission in a while so it was nice doing work for someone. You can view bigger here ----> www.furaffinity.net: [CM]Icon for BigJazz by Torrent_Shark PM about comms, no info here.
  4. AJ Woofless

    Half of an art trade I did.

    This is for a friend named Hexa who I met on a discord group. Nice guy. For Bigger View, Click Here ----> www.furaffinity.net: Art Trade - Hexa [My Half to Him] by Torrent_Shark
  5. AJ Woofless

    (Commission) Selling: >> Commissions Open << {Ranges from $10-$90}

    >> Commissions now open with a more extensive price sheet << >> Prices range from $10 -> $90 << >> Bigger Verions -> www.furaffinity.net: >> Commissions Open << by Torrent_Shark << >> PM me if you have any questions regarding the commissions and/or interested << >> I can explain anything...
  6. AJ Woofless

    (Commission) Selling: Aim and Fire Commissions ($10 - $42) + Icons Open ($10 - $20)

    PM me if you are interested and/or have questions. Custom/Game Weapons not accepted (friends only). Paypal Only Most Recent:
  7. AJ Woofless

    (Commission) Selling: Aim and Fire commissions

    Half body with Lineart Only - $10 - (Full Body - +$5) Half body with Lineart and Flat Colour - $15 - (Full Body - +$5) Half body Lineart with Colour and shading - $20 - (Full Body - +$10) Half Body Full Detail - $30 - (Full Body - +$10) Handgun + $5 Assault Rifle + $7 Bolt Action Rifles + $7...
  8. AJ Woofless

    Art Trade: Looking for someone that can draw guns

    Wanna do a trade with someone for a waist up artwork of my AJ with a weapon (probably SA80 A3 or the M240 with a loadout on(Also have references)) I can offer something similar back. Here's some previous work. www.furaffinity.net: AJs Trusty Glock by Torrent_Shark www.furaffinity.net: Torrent...
  9. AJ Woofless

    AJ's Trusty Glock

    www.furaffinity.net: AJs Trusty Glock by Torrent_Shark Everything is referenced, I promise, I'm aware of the left hand as well, don't bring it up please, I know what's up with it.
  10. AJ Woofless

    (Commission) Selling: <◇> Icon Commissions - £15 <◇>

    <{◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇◇}> Commissions: You want an icon? You have come to the right place. I'm doing digital icons for your characters for £15. If you want one, you can sign this form in for all details and I shall respond any way you can. Or you can message me here. docs.google.com...
  11. AJ Woofless

    Deleting My Account

    Nvm ignore this. I've sorted my problems out.
  12. AJ Woofless

    New Shark

    Just something I've been working on. Torrent here, a shark boy doing his job. Dropped for disobedience and now walks on his own for people, but only for good pay, he's also a good guy. His one life goal was to protect and until the time comes, he will continue to do so. Brief Bio here...
  13. AJ Woofless

    Name Trouble

    I created a shark character because I felt like we just needed more shark soldiers. I got my boy here but just got a problem because it has no name. Wanting to post the art with a Bio on my profile yet just a name short. Any suggestions would be awesome and really appreciated. My idea is to...